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What courses can I enroll in at the University of Texas Arlington Continuing Education Classes?

Continuing Education Classes are important when it comes to compliance with regulations and maintaining certification or licensure or maintaining one’s membership in a licensing body or an association. Generally, ongoing education has been considered an avenue through which professionals keep themselves current in their area of specialization to avoid lagging behind. To stress the importance of this, there has been free continuing education for teachers so that they keep up to date. Many careers today have the requirement of continuing education programs and so does mine. I am therefore interested in learning about the University of Texas Arlington or UTA continuing education classes and the courses available there.

Kristi Hammond

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Donald Ward on February 27, 2018

University of Texas Arlington (UTA) is dedicated to professional development of the students via flexible and comprehensive certificate courses including human resources, project management, information technology and meditation. Personal enrichment programs are aimed at exploration, development and personal growth in fields such as fitness, language, travel, dance and arts. There are free info sessions where students get to meet their instructors, ask about pressing issues and understand the programs they are about to undertake. There is also free continuing education for educators who owe their previous certification to uta.

They offer professional development programs. These programs include short courses, seminars, distance education programs and certificate programs for all those wishing to advance their career and improve their skills. They deliver leading edge and high - quality technology courses coupled with appropriate technical seminars. They give you the chance to meet practitioners and learn the latest via interacting with those who practice what is taught. They strive to the mission of the University of providing lifelong education opportunities by offering programs of high relevance to the society.

With the university’s test preparation program, one can prepare themselves for professional exams. Whether making an application to graduate, professional, licensure, certification or undergraduate exam, the university emphasizes that one should be prepared. The exams are of importance and are likely to affect one’s success in the days to come. They therefore provide courses for exam preparation. These courses include GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT, PMP, CPP, SPHR, CAPM, PMP and Real estate license courses. For those interested in online education, University of Texas Arlington offers a wide range of online continued learning programs serving students interested in different subjects. The courses are structured to be accommodative of students with fast paced schedules.

Professional development at the University of Texas Arlington is aimed at enhancing the achievement of the local workforce’s career objectives. Continued education classes for professional development work towards assisting students in bettering their results and achieving progress in their careers via facilitation, counseling, and consulting services. They take it upon themselves to offer expertise and training in a bid to raise the productivity of professionals in the various work fields.

With over five thousand courses available for students, the eLearning center at UTA provides a comprehensive number of uta continued education courses online from the best authors and eLearning firms in the world. By partnering with honored online educating institutions and corporations, University of Texas Arlington can offer self-study programs with open enrolment in every unit one wishes for.

Eric Bates2 years ago

Great tips! But you forgot to mention that teachers also have avenues of improving knowledge through continued learning. There is master’s in education in curriculum and instruction. The program is meant for teachers who wish to increase their knowledge in education fields; areas such as mathematics and sciences. The C&I Masters in education seeks to serve students who are after earning a master’s degree in specialist cert in reading and a masters reading teacher cert. One can also add Bilingual education and English as a 2nd language supplemental cert to their M.Ed. Literacy studies. The Curriculum and Instruction department also provide M.Ed. degrees in mathematics education, science education. The M.Ed.T. is available for students wishing to get certificates of the graduate category. Students in pursuit of principal certification can go for a Masters of education in educational leadership & policy. I am not sure if these courses come for free to all teachers extending their knowledge at UTA but there should be free continuing education for teachers.

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