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What coordinate for F would make triangle ABC and triangle DEF congruent? Triangle ABC is shown. For triangle ABC, A is at 1, 0, B is at negative 1, 2, C is at 2, 3. Two other coordinates are shown. D is at negative 1, 0, E is at 1, 2.

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on August 1, 2018

Answer:F (-2,3)step-by-Step explanation:you have given Us the coordinates of the three points of the triangle ABC and the coordinates of the two points of the triangle DEF, and we are asked to find the output point F of coordinates.We already know that by SSS congruence lengths of corresponding sides of two congruent triangles are always of the same length.On the use of distance formula, we can see the length of AB and OF is and lengths of the sides BC and CA . In order to ABC to be congruent to DEF lengths of the sides EF and FD must be equal .On substituting our given values into the distance formula that we will obtain two equations,In the resolution of these equations we will get our point F is at (-2,3)therefore, the coordinates (-2,3) to the point F, make triangle ABC and DEF are congruent.

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