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What college courses do you need to become a mental heath and addictions counselor?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Samantha Barber on March 23, 2019

There are a number of ways to go about this. Many universities offer a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and as part of that degree, you can take courses in addictions, social problems, etc Some universities to approach it with a Degree in Social Work, and the study of addictive behaviors is part of the curriculum. In addition, there are excellent schools with a master's degree in counseling or a master's degree in social work, both of which allow you to specialize in addictions. In regards to employment, there are some agencies that contract with only 2 years degree (Associate) a community college; but while that is certainly a start, more and more agencies to wait at least a Bachelor's degree, and many really like the employees to have a Masters degree. It is also expected to get a bit of experience making a variety of practices in a social service agency that does the kind of work you hope to do for your career. If you plan to specialize in mental health, with a Masters degree in Counseling will be very helpful for you. Or, you may decide to continue and become a professional therapist, which usually means getting an advanced degree in psychology, or even to go to the school of medicine for the study of psychiatry.

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