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What chores do 11 year olds do?

Tara Andrews

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Roger Moore on August 9, 2018

there are tasks that only 12 years of age, talk with your mom or dad or both and decide what jobs they need help here are some ideas .clean up the living room or family room once every week dust Polish vacuum or sweep (which should be done more than once a week) .empty and load the dishwasher, or wash by hand .fold the clothes . do laundry (at least yours) . clean bathrooms trust me is not fun, at least until he pays you . clean cat litter or dog droppings .if you have a pool of test chemicals in the beginning or each day .shelf of the leaves I hope this helps and you get some money, I make 4 of this and get 10 dollars a week and I'm not from 11 am to 12 but I just turned 12 so I think I can still answer the question of my chores did not change when I turned 12

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