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What can you tell me about “Halloween 2018”?

Will it feature any good Halloween songs? What about “Tales of Halloween”? Halloween 2018 will be my first “Fright Night” in my own apartment. I want it to be memorable, with lots of screaming and shivering, and music, maybe singing along and dancing, so there’s no cause for real fear.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on October 19, 2018

“Halloween (2018)” will be on the big screen (AMC theaters) as early as the 18th of October, while TV stations will helpfully rerun the original 1978 “Halloween” movie as early as the 14th. John Carpenter’s soundtrack album for the new movie will go on sale on the 19th.

The new movie will definitely feature new songs. Horror movie soundtracks don’t usually make the top forty in music sales, but Carpenter’s soundtracks work with his movies.

Art film critics never really liked the “Halloween” series, this will be the eleventh official full-length movie, but they agree that this year’s reboot is worthy of the series’ beginning. The different movies and novels were written by different people, just as Michael Myers was played by different actors, so the storyline is inconsistent. On the other hand, one reviewer compared Michael to Hannibal Lecter as a study of human evil. If you like movies with a lot of fake blood, or if you like Jamie Lee Curtis, it’ll be worth going to the movie theater to watch it.

Not all movies with “Halloween” in their titles are part of the Michael Myers saga. According to, that 2015 movie is a separate production. You can watch the trailer, see the cast list, and buy the DVD at

For both of these movies, the parents’ guide is simple: “Don’t.” (That’s what a movie’s being rated R means.) No worries. If children are part of your Halloween party, there are lots of creepy but not panic-inducing movies to watch, characters to dress up as, even songs to sing.

A search for Halloween song lyrics should begin with “Harvest Home,” and also include the “Pumpkin Carols” (, or

Commercially recorded, popular songs fit into Halloween parties too. Titles make selections like “Black Sabbath,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” “Witchy Woman,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Ghostbusters,” and by all means the “Halloween” soundtracks, obvious choices...but doesn’t “Excitable Boy” bring “Halloween” to mind? Currently Ella Henderson’s “Ghost” seems to be the most popular Halloween song by a female artist. This is likely to change soon.

Olive Wilsona year ago

Why “Harvest Home”? October is the harvest season and all that, but isn’t “Harvest Home” a Christian hymn, or is there an alternative version of which I was not aware? Halloween is not a Christian holiday.

Some more Halloween songs: “Monster Mash.” “Thriller.” “Teen Angel.” “Ghost Riders in the Sky.” “Werewolves of London.” “Put a Spell on You.” “Season of the Witch.” “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” “The Witch.” “Night of the Living Dead.” “Dead Souls.” “Evil Eye.” “What’s Behind the Mask.” “Dracula’s Daughter” (and “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”). “Pet Sematary.” “Frankenstein.” “Magic.” “It’s Magic.” “That Old Black Magic.” “We Are the Dead.” “Halloween Parade.” “Highway to Hell.” “Boris the Spider.” “Welcome to My Nightmare.” “Hell’s Bells.” “Bark at the Moon.” “Shout at the Devil.” “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” “Going to Raise Hell.” “Creep.” “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” “Night Prowler.” “I’m Your Bogeyman.” And, of course, “This Is Halloween.” 

Noel Byrda year ago

I get the connection with “Harvest Home.” It’s a hymn, but it was also a horror novel about people who went to church on Sunday morning but practiced human sacrifice under the full moon. So it fits.

A lot of old rock songs are good Halloween songs actually. “Love Potion #9,” “Hotel California,” “Carry On, Wayward Son,” all those old fifties songs about somebody being under his or her lover’s spell and so on. And, yes, Warren Zevon’s “Excitable Boy” does sound a lot like Michael Myers in “Halloween 2018.”


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