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What can you tell me about education policy?

I would like to find some information on education policy. I want to know what it is and where it is made. I would also appreciate examples of some policies in the United States. Please also tell me something about the iowa tier portal. What is on offer in this portal that I can get from it? I wish to know the gist of the education information found there. All this information will help me in constructing my dissertation on education, which I am currently working on. I look forward to your response. Thanks!

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Donald Ward on July 30, 2018

A policy is a course of action proposed to be taken. Policy in education is thus the proposed course of action by a jurisdiction such as a government or education department, in the education sector. In the United States, the policies are made both at federal and state government levels. There are school districts within states, which take part in formulating such policies. A good example of an education policy in the United States, which has now become law, is the “No child left behind act” passed by Congress in 2001. Another one is the “race to the top” policy introduced by President Obama in 2009. I will briefly discuss these two policies, to enable you to understand them better before I go to your question on the portal of Iowa tier.

According to Ballotpedia, the “No child left behind act” instituted reforms on the basis that setting high standards and measurable goals would enable each child to improve their educational performance. This required that each state would develop standardized tests to gauge student performance, and funding would be provided on the basis of the test outcomes. In other words, funds would be aimed at improving performance, depending on the recommendations to achieve such improvement.

The “Race to the top” policy was based on a competitive fund of $4.35 billion set aside by the federal government, for states to compete for. It was awarded to states which put in place effective reforms that resulted in better performance by students. It helped in buttressing such reforms to get better educational outcomes. Like the “No child left behind act” it was based on performance in examinations. This approach has recently been criticized for its reliance on test outcomes as the sole information on education, rather than other development areas of children.

Unfortunately, the portal that was previously known as Iowa tier, which was run by the department of education in the state, has since been wound down. You can get education information from sites such as the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Education Portal which are still active. You will get data on the state of education, opportunities, scholarships, and so on. These are both official sites of the Iowa Education Department so the facts they have are reliable enough. They are thus the sites to visit currently for education issues.

Leigh Mann11 months ago

Perhaps it would suffice to add that education policy is dynamic. It changes after a certain period of time when circumstances change. The best thing is thus to concentrate on current education policy. The two policies mentioned here have, as mentioned, come under severe criticism in recent times, due to their focus on tests. It is now emerging that there are other useful ways of gauging learning, rather than just the level of literacy and numeracy. Probably you would like to concentrate on it when doing your dissertation. It‘s possible that policy will change by the time you are doing your report. This will make your ideas look a little outdated. So it is advisable to look at what a current document like the UN millennium development goals says about education. 

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