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What can you do to motivate yourself?

I am not a stranger to motivational talks. Maybe I have a problem because I do not get the real picture that stays with me to keep me motivated all through. I have tried career motivation sessions but all of them have proved to be short-term ventures. Motivation and inspiration quotes are like my daily life but nothing stays within me. I am tired of living a lie and I need a change in my life. All my friends are talking about the motivation that changed their lives, all they tell me is motivate yourself, what can I do?

Amanda Johnson

in Self Improvement

1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on August 20, 2018

Living in an environment full of people who are motivated and do things with passion as opposed to what you do is very challenging. I empathize with you, for some years I was in your situation. It is not ideal for anyone. People tend to believe that being surrounded by people who have self-drive will make you like them overnight. It happens but not like people think. It can be advantageous in most cases but when you get unlucky on the opposite side, it goes extremely bad in your experiences. Instead of being motivated you hate everything you see about people who ought to motivate you.

I want to share a personal experience of what I did, and it helped me get on the right track. It is not easy but with your enthusiasm, I am sure you are going to get the best out of it. Consider what kind of life you want to live in the future. What you want to give to your children and the family you want to establish. Reflect on the kind of life you are living now and see if it needs adjustments to lead you to that life. It is not all about motivation in career, it is something you can live for and be proud. If you find you have to change, then find out the best way to go about it to get the best results that will lead you to the future life. Every day you wake up, have a picture of what you want.

Think about what example you want to give to other people. It is not necessarily that you are related to them in any way. When you look at the life you live, does it give an example you will love to emulate or have your dear ones follow? If it is so, you can figure out how best way you can improve to give it more worth. If it is not so, think of the person you want to be and live to be the example anyone will love to emulate. Be a motivation and inspire other people. In so doing you will derive your fulfillment from it. Motivating yourself is not something complicated that you will spend years trying to get from people. Find what can affect your life directly and embark on ways to make it affect you positively. If it is education, work to streamline it in the direction of more benefits. Study with a mind of giving others hope.

Jordan Soto10 months ago

I used to think that self-motivation is the hardest thing to do. Thank you so much for making it simple. It is clear now that anyone can motivate himself or herself in different situations. Getting motivated is the initial step to excellence that most people miss. You can also think about how parents have invested in you and how they are eagerly waiting to see you succeed. Simple elements are the reasons to motivate yourself and bring the confidence of achieving anything. We die on the inside because we look for greatest reasons of our existence, which we do not find in most instances. Having a simple mind and focusing on the basics is the best course of action.  

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