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What can you bring to the Jamboree festival?

I’m going to the Jamboree festival very soon and don’t know what to pack. What would you advise? I suspect that such an event has to have many restrictions. What are they? Does BVJ allow reentry? It’ll be held for a few days, so, I will need enough stuff to survive. Does the Big Valley fest have strict limitations?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on August 3, 2018

As any other music festival, BV Jamboree has strict safety policies. It doesn’t matter how many days the fest is held, the people responsible for it have to make sure that their guests and artists are completely safe. Besides, think about all those children present at the event—you wouldn’t want anybody to accidentally hurt them. Yes, if you haven’t known, children are allowed and there are dozens of them every year. So, be prepared.

In general, the Jamboree festival is family-oriented and welcomes people from all over the country to come in their trailers, bringing tents, and so on.

As a newbie, you have to learn many rules that’ll help you to avoid trouble. There’s a whole information page for the first-timers on the official website. Here’s the link: It’s a brief review of what you should do. However, we are looking for the detailed information.

That’s why, we’ll visit other Jamboree’s pages including the Jamboree security policy, FAQ, camping, and so on.

What all newbies have to know are the safety rules. We all have to know what can be brought to the campsite and fest site. Campsite regulations are much less strict than the main stage ones. Note that your generator is allowed to work between 8 am and midnight. All attendees have to present a three-day pass and allow their vehicle to be searched. In general, the guards seem to be understanding and allow the things needed for your daily life. There are always paid showers for $7.

However, BVJ’s main location has strict rules and can refuse you at the entrance. They have a right to search you and even ask you to take off the shoes. Many items are prohibited, among them are glass bottles, professional video and audio equipment, fireworks and so on. It’s better to look at the full list of prohibited things on the main page.

In general, this Big Valley festival has the same as most other U.S. music festivals have.

Caleb Jenkinsa year ago

I’d like to add that you shouldn’t smoke whenever you like and have to keep to the designated area. The task isn’t so hard when you consider the actual number of areas that is more than enough in every corner of the park.

Also, there’s a strict regulation of guests’ cameras that cannot be professional. The regular still ones are allowed and you can take pictures.

All in all, Jamboree is a huge fest with an enormous stage and a huge camping site. If you want to stay in a hostel, you are welcomed to search for the offers yourself and come to the site on time. If not, the campsite is just as good. Though tents may be less convenient than the trailers, they are largely used anyway.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I’d say that Jamboree is more family oriented than other festivals inside and outside the country.

Also, remember that the Big Valley campsite is assigned beforehand. So, no matter when you want to come, know to make reservations here as well. There’s no queue of who’s come first—you already have your number with an assigned par park.

Also, respect the time and space of others people and learn to enjoy this event to the fullest while you have energy.

BVJ also allows dogs to the campsite, but they have to be on a leash all the time and be near an owner. Big dogs better have a muzzle.

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