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What can I do with my education level?

I have a master’s degree in economics. What can I do with my education level if I immigrate to America? I understand people are well educated there, so a masters degree is just another degree. Is it possible for me to become a lecturer or teaching assistant at university? That is the job I do currently. I would also like to know how America is rated in terms of world education standards. What are the opportunities that exist on the online education portal? Please tell me more about how helpful these portals are.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on August 14, 2018

There are many people with a master’s degree in America. It is still a useful level of education though. The only catch is that your degree should be from one of the institutions recognized by the American education system. If you doubt, you can check with the US Department of Education guidelines on the recognition of foreign degrees. You will know whether your degree is equivalent to a masters in the country. Once you go through this equivalency test, you can benefit from the following opportunities:

  1. You may visit the Best Masters Programs website to view some 50 career opportunities open to master’s degree holders. Among the jobs on offer are openings for social work teachers. These are teachers who train those interested in social work careers. It is a well-paying job if you are qualified for it.
  2. As you will learn from Grad School Hub, it is very easy to become a teaching assistant at the university if you hold a master’s degree. There are those who hold these positions with undergraduate degrees, but they are mostly in very rare fields, where not many graduates are found. However, with a recognized master’s degree, you will compete very well indeed.

Let me answer your other questions.

America is rated very highly in the education world. It lies up there with all the other developed countries. Comparative exams performance show that America lies around 4th in world, and 3rd in some cases. This means that an American qualification is quite prestigious to hold anywhere in the world.

There are many online education portals. They mostly offer you a unique opportunity to study online, through a distance learning program. In your case, some of them may even give you an opportunity to teach. When you opt to enlist as a teacher, you will be well-paid. You will also have the opportunity to gain the requisite job experience that will serve you well when you’ll be looking for a job later.

More specifically, there is the education portal academy. There you can also get a well-paid job for your kind of qualifications. You can have the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world, including American, to know exactly what you will be dealing with in future. It is quite a good site.

Jessie Thompson10 months ago

Anyone with a master’s degree education level can do well in America, provided that it is a recognized degree. There are numerous opportunities in different locations and online. The most advisable thing these days is not even to travel to America. That is costly and very demanding. There are visa requirements and other inconveniences, which make it a difficult undertaking. The best way forward is to apply for work online, which you can do from your country. Moreover, the cost of living in many countries is lower than it is in America. That makes it more profitable to earn the good salary from another country rather than from within America itself. Nothing can stop you teaching online, many subjects are offered in that way. So my advice would be to apply online, rather than go through the rigors of traveling all the way here.  

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