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What can I do when I have no motivation for programming?

I have completed an online course in Python programming language. However, I have no motivation to keep programming since I have finished the course. I cannot get myself to sit through an hour of programming, and when I get to it, I tend to get distracted quite easily.

This has led me to ask for ways of motivation. Particular preference is on the tips that have worked for programmers. No general motivation strategies. Can someone advise me on how I can get programming motivation?

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 23, 2018

The trick with programming is to undertake a project that appeals to you. People agree that the secret to boosting your motivation is to do something that you are passionate about. Therefore, try working on projects that interest you to increase your motivation.

This method is not the only bullet in the gun, below are some other strategies to enhance your motivation. I guarantee you will find at least one way of motivation that will kick-start your journey to programming greatness.

  • Avoid working too much

You do not have to program so much that you burn out. Take on smaller tasks that should be completed in an ample time frame. It is better to have a productive six hours daily than an unproductive 10 hours in a day.

Whenever you feel like taking a break, do not beat yourself up about it. You deserve to rest after putting in hours of hard work in programming. Be sure to take a break regularly. You can even take weekends off.

These breaks serve an essential role of re-energizing you for the next session. You will feel much more focused and ready to take on your task after a good rest.

  • Network with other programmers

People in the programming field have numerous conferences, hackathons, and meetups where they go to share their knowledge, experiences, skills, and discuss problem areas.

By joining and engaging with fellow programmers, you will be able to get fresh ideas and perspectives that will boost your dimmed motivation. You can also find a programming buddy who will help you gain necessary motivation for programming whenever you experience the downtime.

You can also network with other like-minded individuals on numerous online forums, e.g., Reddit and StackOverflow. These are a sure way to rekindle your programming passion.

  • Celebrate your accomplishments

Do not be mean to yourself. Celebrate the moments of your accomplishments. These achievements are significant in your journey of becoming a great programmer. Recognizing these milestones as steps towards your ultimate programming goal give you the necessary motivation to keep your eyes on the price.

  • Accept that programming is about trial and error

Getting the fact that programming is a complicated process that you do not have to get right from the onset is a sure way to address your bouts of not having motivation.

It is critical to accept that failure is a learning process. 

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