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What can I do in order to study in USA?

I plan to study in USA for my graduate program. I therefore need details on how to get a student visa for USA. If you can, please briefly describe what is a student visa and how can I obtain it. Explain the requirements needed before I’m awarded a study permit. I also need to know the various types of student visas that are available. In addition, let me know which one is the best and which one can allow me to stay in the United States for a little bit more time. If there is any relevant information I’m required to know while studying in USA, please let me know.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on January 29, 2018

Making a decision to pursue your studies in USA is an intriguing idea, but understanding where to begin from can be a great challenge. I’ve gathered enough information and resources that will help you select the best college/university and course before you submit your application.

First of all, you should find and research your institutions. Make sure you contact and save the ones that you are interested in. Note that, not all colleges and universities in the USA enroll international students. As a result, you will be required to assess if your school of choice will accept your application before you begin the process of application. In order to study in the US, you will need to attain three fundamental requirements that include a letter of acceptance & confirmation from a recognized educational institution, proof of adequate funding to study and a valid student visa.

You asked to know what a student visas is. In simple terms, this is an endorsement marked in a passport that is issued by a mandated representative of a country that will permit you as the passport holder to travel to your country of study and live there for a specified amount of time. It can also be issued for the purpose of employment, tourism, business and treatment among other things.

As a foreign student wishing to study in the United States, you can be issued an M1, J1 or F1 type of a student visa. For your case, the F1 Visa type will be the most appropriate since it will permit you to work partially and you can also work on optional practical training for a period not exceeding one year. On the other hand J1 visa will permit the possibility of partial employment but it only meant for students seeking to pursue practical training not offered in their home countries. M1 Visa will not allow you to work and you will need to provide proof of funds for your entire stay in the US.

Once you receive a letter of acceptance from an accredited institution you will be required to apply for a student visa. Most aspiring students do not understand how to get student visas for USA, but the process of obtaining a study permit is very simple. Whereas this will take a bit of planning and effort, it should not be a complicated process. US Study permit can be applied for by either paper application or online application. The relevant application forms can be accessed from the local US embassy in your home country or the United States immigration department website. I advise that you apply for your visa online since it takes almost half of the time required for paper application to be processed. Remember to check the status of you application more often so that you can be able to accelerate the process whenever possible.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I like the information provided in the answer above regarding studying in the US. It is informative and mind opening. Personally, I never knew if there were various types of student visas. I just thought if I can get a student visa, I can be able to study and work in the United States. I’m now aware of the type of student I will need in order to pursue my masters in Control Engineering that I wish to accomplish in the United States.

Also note that in order to study in an American college or university, you will need to prove that you understand English very well. The most acceptable English proficiency test is the IELTS which is acceptable by more than 3,300 American institutions. A good IELTS test score will enhance your chances of being enrolled in an American school. Also make sure you evaluate your financial capacity to pay for your tuition and accommodation fees as well as your personal effects. You can for grants or scholarship to offset financial pressure on your family.

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