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What can I do after completing physical education degree program?

I am almost completing my physical education degree program, and for a long period I have wondered what one can do after completing studies in higher education. I had a choice of choosing between pursuing Bachelors of Nursing and Bachelors of Physical Education. I chose the latter believing it had a lot of potential for me and how I wanted to lead my career life. I wish to know if with my certificate of higher education I can spread the benefits of exercises and sports to develop students both in junior high schools and high schools. I need to know how I can contribute to research in higher education journal. I would like to develop strategies on how to implement an engaging physical and health education program that befits the 21 st century athletics and schools programs.

Frank Nichols

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 23, 2018

It is great to hear that you have almost completed your degree in physical education. More importantly it is a good thing to be an ambitious person since you are always prepared for the dynamics that follow completion of an undergraduate program. You should know that there is so much that you can do with your training and expertise. First all, you may decide to pursue your studies and obtain a masters degree in sport science. With a master’s degree, you can teach college and high school students. Also, you may decide to register a consultancy firm and offer consultancy services to private clients. Consultancy services can entail offering tutoring programs to students, and technical advice to instructors on how to coach and train athletes.

Also, for your case, if you don’t wish to pursue post graduate studies, you can simply settle down on employing your energy to researching on critical areas of physical education and developing better approaches to teaching junior high and high school kids. You can acquire teacher licensure and begin offering coursework tips which align with the national teaching standards. You should know and prepare for programs that lead to teacher certification which will require practicum hours, student teaching, state exams and institutional recommendation. So, as you set your mind to helping students, understand there is so much that goes  beyond just obtaining a higher education certificate.

Other common jobs that you may consider include fitness trainer, school athletics coach, facilities director and being a personal trainer. Potential areas that you should consider working include recreation and youth centers, schools, fitness centers, wellness program agencies and camps. You should be prepared to teach and train your clients on how to communicate effectively, think critically, live responsibly as well as thoughtfully integrate their ethical convictions and faith into the various dimensions of life.

As part of your teaching career, you will have to design, evaluate and implement a learning program associated with physical education. Be prepared to use course theories to design class lessons and organized sports to determine the appropriate exercises for young children, adolescents and adults. While helping students pursue higher education studies in their project design and final papers, you will need to prepare them for understanding motor skills, muscle coordination and physical abilities. Also, be prepared to recommend possible project ideas, inspect mistakes in project designs and refer students to specific physical education and fitness agencies where they can conduct their research.

In regard to your desire to contribute to research in higher education journals, it is very possible to express your opinions and thoughts in various sporting articles. Furthermore, instead of simply contributing, you may consider writing for a pay. There are various online magazines that require physical education, health and fitness essays and as such you can consider pitching a number of them to secure a chance as a writer.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I agree with the above answer. Obtaining a physical education degree is a great start for every person who aspires to contribute to sports and well-being fitness. Personally, I admire career in sports and I believe that the future has so much in store for every physical education professional. Physical education has produced professional coaches and athletes in different sporting fields. As a prospective educator, you will apply your designed program to a real classroom setting. You should know that in physical education, hands-on experience is paramount to understanding the responsibility of the physical educator. Your role regardless of whether you are a teacher, an instructor or a consultant, will entail upholding the key objective of physical education which is to have a healthy, a physically fit and a vibrant community. You will need to carefully implement constructed projects that are already researched and from your own experience. If you wish to write on physical and health fitness matters, make sure you create your own blog or choose an online magazine which can publish your papers on physical education.

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