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What can be improved from the first nose job?

Bethany Evans

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Zach Chandler on September 3, 2018

Response . Sometimes there is a lot a surgeon can improve and sometimes there is very little you can do to change your appearance after the first or the second surgery. From most issues can be addressed, make sure that you are very open about areas you want to improve. Make sure you know how your new nose will appear, such as having realistic expectations, it decreases the chances of additional surgeries.\n. \nHere are a couple of complaints and how they could be changed:\n. \n . The nose still sticks out or down too far. The cartilage of the tip can be removed to shorten the nose. However, if the excess cartilage was removed during the first surgery, improvements during a second surgery may be minimal.\n . \n . A hump is still present. The surgeon will take the hump down.\n . \n . Too much of the hump was removed. The height of the bridge of the nose is going to be built.\n . \n . The upper half of the nose is too wide: Narrow the nasal bones a little more.\n . \n . The lower half of the nose is too wide: narrow the tip cartilage.\n . \nRemember, some areas are not fixed, for example, a nose that is slightly off-centre or has a thickness of the cartilage in the tip (completely avoids the narrow nose). Sometimes, the risk of surgery is not worth the small change that a patient requires or go under anesthesia you can go back to putting the patient at risk.

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