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What BU study abroad tips can you give me?

Going to study in another country is not an easy task. I’m sure there are many things you need to know when making this decision. So, I’m now researching BU study abroad programs and would be glad to hear your advice.

In addition, I’d like to know what are the best countries to study abroad? I’m planning to go somewhere in Europe as I’ve heard many positive comments about its universities. Are there any surprising destinations with good establishments? What about study abroad funding? Do I need to pay everything myself?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on May 4, 2018

Boston University is a world-class establishment that tries to connect students from the whole world. It works on 6 continents with more than 30 countries. If you choose to go for BU abroad studies, you have a rich selection of places to visit. If you go for summer breaks, you can even come to many places while you study. What is more important, BU is open to anybody, you do not have to be its student to go to an abroad school!

Boston University Global Programs mostly deal with undergraduate students and helps them discover themselves and finish their studies with more knowledge than they have expected. It is one of the first U.S. establishments to send its students abroad and it tries to preserve its high status even today. It chooses only top universities and provides high-quality programs. You may find more countries on the lists of other places, but, for BU, quality is more important than quantity.

This is a page where you can find a program to your liking - There are three filter categories to set: who are you, what do you want to study, and where do you want to study. It all depends on you what to choose, but I would start with pointing out what subject I want to get.

Boston University abroad programs are diverse that is hard choose the only one just by looking at the whole catalog. As for Europe, this is a great destination. Many students go there for courses more. I think that it has a little of something for everyone. Some people may find its architecture and arts beautiful. Other would like to learn its history. Many people move there because of the language diversity. If you want a language, this is the right place to go. This area contains some many various languages and dialect that you cannot learn them in three lifetimes. Some people just like travel—you can do it a lot when you are in Europe. Countries are not huge and you can visit almost all of they during one stay. I think that the best country to study abroad is a European country.

I don’t think that financing is such a huge problem as you may think. First of all, there are always affordable options. Secondly, you can always apply for a loan or scholarship. You can even use a third-party grant for your abroad studies funding.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

BU study abroad programs are really incredible. I’ve participated in one of them and am still under strong impression.

You’ve asked some unusual study destinations. Though this place is gradually becoming more and more popular, especially among American students, Sydney is a great place to visit. My first thought was of beaches, so I was inspired mainly by them. As it turned out, a Sydney BU program is incredible.

Here is a place that will tell you about Sydney internship - Working and studying at the same time may seem tiresome, but I’ve had good times. The coursework is not so hard and the professional occupation is enjoyable for young people. Just imagine working on your major for the first time! You acquire necessary knowledge and experience. This way, after graduation, you will have better chances to get a job. Abroad studies are always good for your resume. 


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