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What aren't some skills that could help improve your health?

Daniel King

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Curtis Rhodes on September 4, 2019

Pretty sure this question could generate an infinite list of skills, however here is a small list of skills that do not improve their health. (I. e skills or not the difference to their health, or may actively make it worse): - be able to knit, - driving formula one cars - being able to build a hut or tepee - being a bricklayer - being able to herd sheep, cows, pigs, or other animals - be able to make your own homebrew - being able to make your own jam - being able to paint stained-glass ornaments - being able to do pottery - being able to shoot the ball up the paper in a wastepaper bin - being able to lick your nose with your tongue -being able to lick your elbow -being able to touch your elbows together behind your back - be able to roll your tongue - being able to "speed-eat / speed-drink" certain substances in a competitive way - to be able to say the alphabet backwards - being able to do math (well, after a certain stage that seems to be actively damaging to people mental health) - being able to quote poetry - being able to dissect a frog - being able to recite tongue-twisters - being able to use a camera

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