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What are you supposed to do when your extremely bored and a 12 year old?

Karen Wright

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1 answer

Caroline Campbell on March 28, 2019

make an electric guitar and learn to play.Build a burglar alarm from bits from Radio Shack. Do some work and get paid,build a kart from stroller wheels, Just do something that other of watching TV and surfing the net.. Looking to engage in constructive activities, such as going to the library and find a book you enjoy reading for PLEASURE in comparison to the school the books you read. As an adult, I discovered reading on topics of intetest to me is pretty entertaining. I wish I discovered how enjoyable reading could be when I was a child. (I'm serious about this). In addition, find hobbies of interest to you. The exercise and the construction of your body is extremely rewarding. I invite you to continue the fitness as a way of life. You are going to build self-esteem and it is something that you should follow, as a way of life. You'll understand how important this is as it grows. I encourage you to read a book in the gym.. finally, I encourage you to continue any hobbies that are positive and constructive as a way of life. I understand that it is difficult for a girl of 12 years old to think in the future, however, I encourage you to embrace the school and learning. In a short 6 years it's going to be graduating from high school, and you should go to college - a GOOD college. As I don't want to be one of those kids that ends up burgers at a mcdonald's for the rest of your life. Good luck to you!

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