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What are UNC study abroad options?

I want to experience all those things that studying in another country provides. All those new people, a mysterious culture, new customs, languages, and climates are fascinating. Besides, such travels give you a great opportunity to approach education from various perspectives. I wonder about the UNC study abroad programs? Are they good? Is it hard to get into one of them? I’m open to think about another study abroad agency if you think it is better than the university.

I’m most interested in engineering study abroad programs, though language courses can be useful as well.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on May 3, 2018

Going for UNC abroad studies is an ideal way to study other cultures, languages, history, as well as explore your own interests. When you change the environment and face something new and unknown, you may happen to open some unexpecting parts of yourself. I know what I’m talking about. It happened to me as well. When I went for a summer program, I found out that my major and future plans for life are completely wrong. I found something to be passionate about. So, I hope you grasp this chance as well.

UNC abroad programs send students in about 7 countries all over the world. I would suggest you find the place you want to visit and look what programs are available. I think it is easier to sort through the countries for starters and limit your choices to the most pleasant ones.

I’ve also heard that about a third of Carolina’s student for some sort of abroad studies before they graduate. So, despite the large popularity of such travels, many students get a chance to follow their dream.

I think that no study abroad agencies can give you better chances that the NUC Study Abroad Office does. If you do not want to deal with direct enrollment, you can apply for an exchange program that has good conditions.

There is a number of professional schools within the university that manage their own programs including medicine, art, law, journalism, engineering, etc. If you want to choose one them, you better visit their pages that you can find on the official website

You’ve also asked about UNC language programs. The university encourages its students to develop their language skills and gladly offers them an opportunity to go abroad to practice them. Did you know that you can study Maya and Cherokee alongside French and Italian? This is a great chance to immerse into something mysterious.

As for engineering abroad studies, I’m sure there are many offers for you in this sphere. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a link to the page, but I believe you can find the information yourself on their website. If not, here is its contact information: You can call them at the regular office hours with the exception of school holidays. You can mail them or calls them. They are bound to give you a full answer towards what engineering abroad programs suit you’re the most. There is a list of names, so you’ll know who to address or request. 

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

Well, many good things have been said about UNC study abroad offers. I fully agree that most of these programs are really good for dedicated people who know what they will get from them. However, the prices are not very low in any case. So, let’s talk about financing issues.

Obviously, money is an issue for most students. When we already have to repay a loan or have a scholarship, international can be an unreachable dream. Fortunately, the university takes care of its students and suggest financial aid to some of them.

The cost for studies varies depending on the program you choose. However, the size of your aid may also depend on it. So, you should be careful before calculating all your chances.



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