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What are UK student visa requirements?

I’m looking for a way to go study in England but don’t really know where to start. Is getting a UK study visa a difficult task? I know that many people from various countries head there for educational purposes. It should mean that the student visa requirements are not so tough, am I right? I’m not sure yet how long I’ll stay in England. I may want to attend short courses or spend an academic year even. Exchange programs are also a possibility for me. What documents do you require for an education visa?

All questions are important. However, UK student visa requirements is the most pressing issue.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Justin Parker on April 24, 2018

A UK visa for studies is a thing that many people dream of but not many can get. The flow of students to this country is enormous. I’m starting to think that England, for example, has more international students than the natives. Where do they study? Why are there so many places available? On the other hand, many people get a visa and not all of them have great achievements or perfect papers to be thankful for. I know at least a few fellow students who are studying in the UK right now with less than a great record. Some things depend on your luck, others on the person or a set of people checking your application.

Fortunately for me, I used the help of my friend who works in a company dealing with all those migration questions. So, my short courses were a success. There are more than types of visa in UK, even for students. For my courses, I applied for a student visitor visa. You can try this approach as well if you plan to stay in the country for six months or less. I would say that taking a small course is a great way to begin your acquaintance with the whole notion of studying abroad. You can see the country, people, the educational system and decide whether you like what you see or not.

United Kingdom student visa requirements are nothing special. You have to be eligible and gather all necessary papers. It’s just a set of documents common for most countries with a few exceptions. You can start the whole process up to three months in advance of your courses. This time will be enough to make all preparations and get an answer. In most cases, the provider of your courses or the establishments you are enrolled in will gladly help you to apply for student visa or, at least, give you some advice. Don’t be shy to ask questions—they know what they are dealing with when they accept a foreign student.

Getting an education visa is divided into stages of gathering all documents, shipping them to an embassy, and attending an interview. In addition to the standard documents, you may be asked to provide the proof of your academic qualification, undertake certain vaccines, or have a biometric scan.  The last student visa requirement is mandatory for all applicants without a biometric passport.

These are the most common requirements that I can remember. Make sure you gather all necessary documents.

Larry Warrena year ago

Well, while those student visa requirements are common, your information is not full enough for a person to be ready to apply. I’d like also to add the list of documents you have to gather:

  • Copies of your passport, ID
  • A photo that meets the official standards
  • An unconditional offer of a place on a course or in an establishment
  • A document proving your language skills. You have to undertake one of the secure English language tests. Although, you are probably from an English-speaking country, so, you don’t have to do it
  • Proof of your financial support

Then, you have to pay the student visa fee. A year ago, it was £328. You’ll have to check the sum when you are ready to apply; it may change in time. I’m not even sure it is the same today. So, I hope this list will be of use to anyone going to study abroad.

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