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What are two common leisure activities in the Spanish-speaking world? A. ver una pelicula y hablar con amigos. B. ir al parque y comer ensalada. C. estar en casa y beber batidos. D. Corpus Christi y visitar Coyoacan

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on January 13, 2018

The correct answer is: A. See a movie and talk with friends. Spanish speakers are very friendly. I love to spend time with friends and also loves to watch movies. People always gather on weekends. For example, I am a Spanish speaker and loves to go to the cinema with my friends. We spend a lot of time talking about different topics. We meet every weekend at someone's house and watch a movie on the TELEVISION. Everyone gets something to eat and drink, as food, snacks, drinks, etc., it Is incredible to live our life with friends. They are our support in everyday life. In the Spanish-speaking world it is important to make good friends, so it is very likely that the friends will go with you until the end of his life.

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