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What are the worst gifts you can buy for Father’s Day?

Do not think that I want to give my dad an awful gift for Father’s Day and ruin the holiday for him. I just have bad luck with choosing gifts for my family and friends and never can guess right. No matter how hard I try to buy something special and meaningful, I always buy something that disappoints people. However, I’m determined to make this Fathers Day weekend perfect and this means I have to have a list of presents that most will consider awful to stay away from them. Fathers Day date is coming and I have little time to buy a gift. So, I need your help.

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on June 14, 2018

Most often, people ask for some tips on what to buy for Father’s Day. However, if you want to know a list of things to stay clear of, I can give you a few suggestions.

Adult diapers. This is an awful gift; I know it for sure. Unless your father has some problems and requires them, never buy them, even as a joke. I’ve seen all hell break loose after such a joke. Apparently, my father and all other men, as I suspect, do not take kindly on making jokes about their health and masculinity. Take this advice from a sister who hasn’t seen brother at the family gathering for months.

The “best dad” mug. This is not a Fathers Day gift a dad would want to get either. All merchandise with this signature is boring and shows how little you care about actually choosing a gift. This is not original and can be bought only in addition to the main gift. Also, a mug is not the worst you can get. At least, he will drink tea from it sometimes. Never buy a “best dad” shirt for he will never wear it again.

Wrist fitness bracelet. This may seem like a great gift that you wouldn’t mind getting yourself, but don’t put this burden on your dad. If he wants to be active and go to the gym, you will know what he needs. Otherwise, this is just a burden and a reminder that he is not as young and healthy. Besides, everyone will ask him of his success and irritate the man. Let him have peaceful days.

This weekend of Father’s Day will go smoothly without any reminders of a retirement home. Forget about it even if you think this is a necessary and useful gift. He doesn’t need another reminder of his age on this day.

BBQ or bacon-scented cologne. You’ve probably heard about this wonderful smell at least once and thought about how would it be to wear it. Don’t make your father a lab rat—even he won’t appreciate the joke.

Make sure that this Father Day date is filled with happiness and good memories. You can buy your dad something funny, but be careful with what you are laughing at. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I agree. All those Father’s Day gift ideas are horrible. Nothing there says “I love and appreciate you.” This is just about buying anything to not come empty-handed. Instead, think about the hobbies your father has and buy something related.

I also have a few ideas on bad gifts some people tend to buy.

Socks. This may seem like a regular and standard gift for Father’s Day, but it is boring and mostly useless nowadays. Can’t he buy his own socks? There is nothing exciting about it. If you want to see disappointment on your dad’s face, go ahead. Buy any socks you want.

A house plant. Men mostly do not like plants with a few rare exceptions.  Does he need one more living being in his house to take care of? Are you or your siblings not enough? Anyway, I bet the plant would just wither away without the proper care. Besides, men know nothing about them. 

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