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What are the types of reading comprehension?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on September 26, 2018

There are several ways: . Recognizing words quickly and understanding their meaning in the context. . Self-monitoring to make sure that you understand the text. . Keep track of the text in your mind. Another system suggested: . Survey . Question . Read, . Recite, and . Review If you are wondering about the types of reading strategies there are numerous theories and ideas, and may depend on your reading level. If you are a beginner reader, then your work will focus on the decoding, and therefore its energy is spent in the number 1 above, and, often, the comprehension will be low when the reading of a text fragment for the first time. A second reading is often useful. Reading twice is a strategy as is a range of word attack skills that a beginning reader will use. Beyond the visualization, prior knowledge, formulating questions and hypothesis, are strategies that help the reader to think more deeply as they read and thus become more involved with the text and thus increase their chances of reading with accuracy.

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