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What are the top universities in USA for foreign students?

I’d like to go to the U.S.A. for a while to study there. However, there are so many options I cannot decide where to go. The country is huge and the variety of establishments is not small at all. So, I hope you can help me and share your thoughts on the top universities in USA. Which of them are suitable for foreign students? How to study abroad in the country? Do universities in USA offer special scholarships or any other kind of financial help for international students?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 8, 2018

I’m glad you’ve chosen this country to study at. There are numerous opportunities for student from any country. The U.S.A. may truly be considered the center of international affairs. Going to study in the U.S.A., you boost your job opportunities to the whole new level. Any self-respecting international company has offices and representatives in this country. Coming here may be the biggest career investment of your life. This place offers you countless possibilities to develop and learn. In addition to the university you’ll choose, you may attend other courses, classes, seminars, and so on.

If you wonder how study abroad programs work, you may visit the following page and see what options you have - These are only those programs that are considered to be the best of the best. Just imagine how many other offers are out there! I would recommend you choose a popular state that is full of student life and international students. The advantage of such a place is obvious—you get to know all aspect of the American culture, plus many others shown by the foreign students. In this aspect, America is the most diverse place you can choose. Being populated by immigrants after its official discovery, the U.S.A. shows a range of various traditions itself. When combined with all those modern students from abroad, the mix of culture is overwhelming.

So, do not worry about your future studies here, the USA universities welcome international students. You are actually honoring them by applying because most establishments strive to their global orientation and cooperation. It is no wonder that foreign students are treated so well here—an establishment becomes more respectful with the addition of visitors. That is why exchange programs in the U.S. are welcomed even by high schools.

Speaking of the top USA universities, it is hard to tell which ones are better than the others. I think that people cannot be biased in their choice because most of us would choose our own alma mater or a place in the same state, and so on. So, I’ve found for you a professionally-made ranking announced by QS World University Rankings® the highest authority on the matter. Here are the best USA universities that have entered the 2018 list - As you will see, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has the leading position. It is actually the best educational establishment in the world. It is highly selective and accepts only about 8% of its undergraduate applicants. So, you should check the rest of them (just in case.) 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

Yes, the list is official and highly useful. Though I’ll also tell you to look past MIT because of the high demands and competition, you can actually get there. It also supports short-term and long-term programs for skilled students all over the world. They are helping you with getting a visa, immigration, and future employment. If you get into MIT, you are guaranteed a decent position in the country. The experts from this establishment are recognized in the world and most companies would be glad to work with you.

As far as I know, this USA university, just like the rest of them, offers financial aid to its student, no matter what country they come from. Of course, the requirements may be different, be international students have the same support as the native ones. 

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