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What are the three parts that make up Earth's mantle? A.) Mesosphere, Asthenosphere, Ionosphere B.) Thermosphere, Mesosphere, Asthenosphere C.) Mesosphere, Asthenosphere, Bathysphere D.) Ionosphere, Thermosphere, Bathysphere E.) Mesosphere, Asthenosphere, Outer Layer

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on September 3, 2018

E.) Mesosphere, Asthenosphere, Outer layerUnfortunately there is no standard terminology for three-layered mantle. Can I be sure that the "ionosphere" and "the thermosphere" only refer to the atmospheric layers, so that you can rule out a, B, and D. "Mesosphere" can be used to refer to a layer of the atmosphere, but are also often used to refer to a mantle layer. so I'm going to go with, And even though I do not like it very much. I guess that what is meant by "outer layer" is the part of the lithosphere that does not match with the cortex of the composition.

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