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What are the things to look for in Texas education news?

Being a parent is the hardest job on Earth, so I believe. Children tend to be less and less of a job as they grow up. I have two children, twins, who are turning 5 years old next month. At this rate, I have felt the urge to start familiarizing myself with education as a whole. However, it is hard to find education Texas news in one place. All through, I have been looking for teachers in the news and the collective dept of education news, before I make the decision for my children’s education. As I go through this research, what are the things to look for in Texas education news?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 22, 2018

Living in a world where there are many sources and avenues to find news, it becomes very important to know what exactly to look for in the news. 3 years ago, I moved from Florida to Texas. Apart from all the other things I had to get accustomed to and find out, I also had to understand the education system in Texas as my boy had to continue with his studies. Education news in Texas comes in volumes, so I had to filter to get the exact type of news I wanted. At that time I had many things that I wanted to find out from state education department news, news on teachers, grading systems, co-curricular activities just to mention but a few. My son was joining college then and I realized that I was feeding on a lot of junk news, much of which was irrelevant to my information needs. As a result of my search for news, I noted 3 things that I believe everyone looking for this kind of news should look for. These are as follows:

  1. General department of education news; this is the kind of news that is general for the whole education system. It gives a general look at how education is in Texas. As a parent, this general news is what I consumed first in my search for information on education. The level of education at this point does not really matter. For me, I got to understand the few things that are different in Texas and as a result was eager to dig deeper to explore the college opportunities for my son.
  2. Performance history; after being comfortable with the general education news in Texas, it is advisable to gauge the performance of the different schools. It is difficult to talk about the education system without talking about performance. At this stage, I looked for information on the exact schools that interested me, the teachers making headlines, the nature and state of the different schools. This information helped me make an informed decision on the best school, where my son would perform well.
  3. Date of the news; the date of news is very important to look at regardless of all the other factors. Things change over time, and it is always advisable to feed on the most recent news. Just like technology, education is a very dynamic field, changing by the day.

Larry Warrena year ago

Having lived and worked as a part-time teacher in Texas, I have found out that the date really matters. It is very possible to read news 3 years ago, which does not hold water currently. I have seen many people who are struggling to find information about teachers for private studies. With the convenience, which Internet brings, the web has become the easiest source of news. Different bloggers and news platforms offer this information. However, a very good teacher who made a headline on an
education blog last year would not still be as good today. Probably the teacher is retired or has been overtaken by life events, which do not allow them to teach anymore. The same would apply for news by the department of education. A directive may have been issued last week, but only to last a few days, making the timing of the information relevant. Therefore, date of the news should be very critical to every person interested in Texas education news.

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