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What are the SUNY study abroad opportunities?

Does SUNY support studying abroad? I know that it has many campuses and academic offers. However, I’d like to experience the world and develop not only my knowledge but also my view of the world, cultures, and people. What can you tell me about SUNY study abroad offers? Is it a good choice to make? Or do I stay in the country and devote my time to studying? Are there good study abroad consultants who can help me decide? Or, maybe, SUNY has its own study abroad advisers?

If there is such an opportunity, I’d like to know what programs and options it offers.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on April 12, 2018

You can easily study abroad with SUNY. The state university of New York works with many campuses all over the world. Its programs include study, research, and work opportunities. No matter what you do in the university, you can do it in other countries while experiencing new cultures and people. Moreover, when you apply to SUNY, you get a guarantee that your skills and diploma will be highly appreciated all over the world.  

Today, international studies are at their prime. Many establishments support the trend and offer their students great abroad programs. SUNY is one of those places that work with many countries all over the world, no matter how far they are. Now, you can choose a right program for you and go abroad for new experiences. You can either choose a short-term course or move for the whole semester—choose what suits you the best.

Partnering with the Institute of International Education, SUNY increased the number of international students by 25%. More and more establishments take part in the development of international studies and will have significant influence by the end of the decade.

As for a study abroad adviser, SUNY has a very skilled staff. The university’s support members will answer all your questions and advise you courses to choose and countries to visit. SUNY Study Abroad Consortium offers support to all students. It assists you in understanding the most crucial questions of studying in another country: where? when? what? With this university, the opportunities are almost limitless. All campuses are ready to work with students who plan to go abroad. The number of programs available is impressive. Moreover, the establishment works with more than 50 countries thus ensuring that all students can choose the most interesting options. No matter where you want to go and what culture you want to learn, SUNY has something for you. You can visit any continent you would like.

The SUNY abroad system is an association of professional educators who provide professional development, support, and information for those who work in the international system and for the students.

SUNY Council on International Education consists of multiple members of research universities, community colleges, and comprehensive colleges.

You actually do not need any study abroad consultant if you visit the SUNY forum. It has many discussion branches that dwell on all aspects of studying abroad. There, you can meet the university’s partners and ask various members for advice.

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