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What are the steps you need to take to learn how to study for a test?

I am not very good at preparing for tests and I would appreciate any suggestions from people who have tackled tests before and passed. A set of good study skills would be helpful in helping me get ready for a test. I would love an easy guideline to act as a framework on how to study for a test. Given that the test is on a short notice and I am running on a tight schedule how can I study smart in a short period of time?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 12, 2018

A few weeks ago, I also sat for the test given in class on a short time notice. Before sitting for a test there are various things you should prepare to ensure you are fully ready before sitting for it. Once you know the due date of the test you need to work fast to get ready to study for the test.

  • First assemble all the revision material you need that the test will cover. The materials could be your class notes, study handouts and even online revision materials. Carry also all the necessary stationery you might need to study for the test.
  • Before you start to study determine the type of the test you will sit for; whether it is an essay or a multiple choice test. This will help you decide the mode of studying you will use to read for the test.
  • Ensure your mind is clear from distractions and pending tasks before you begin studying. You should be fully focused on reading for the test and avoid distractions like eating while you eat. Do one after the other to avoid losing focus from your main goal.
  • Since you are working against time be smart as you study; cover the key areas in your course of study. Notes could be bulky so focus your study on areas that will be in the test. This will save you from reading materials irrelevant to the test.
  • I highly recommend that you start reading for tests as soon as you know of their scheduled date. Tests normally have a short grace period so you need to utilize your time well and be ready in time for the test.
  • Set a goal of what you want to achieve by the end of your study. This will help in keeping track of our reading progress. Once you have achieved the set goal take a regular break.
  • Keep reading your notes over and over; practice makes perfect. The more you read the more versant you become with a topic.
  • As you read make short notes of your work; making a summary of comprehensive notes is a good skill of studying that will enable you to review the work easily since the notes are short precise and in your words.
  • Test yourself to gauge your revision; make up practice questions based on the test. You could ask a friend to quiz you; this will help you get ready for the test.

Larry Warrena year ago

I have severally advised students and helped them with tips on how to study for tests. As a student, set a study plan and dedicate the time you have to do revision on various topics. Among the ways of studying is making short notes as they study. Making a brief summary of revision notes eases the revision process. I also believe that how you study is determined by the time you have to the exam. If you have sufficient time avoid procrastination set a time table and follow it strictly. As you make your study time table set a time you will be able to concentrate. Organize your work to have an easy time when you read. Break down the work you need to tackle into chunks which will ease the process of the studying. In case of any inquiries, find a tutor or teacher to help you with clarification of some things.

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