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What are the steps to time management?

Eric Morgan

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Cynthia Baker on January 5, 2018

Some of the steps for effective time management are : Alloting your time for Organization and Planning : Alloting enough time for organizing and planning is very important. Use a calendar or agenda to plan your schedule for all the tasks. It is always better to plan things a week before to your commitment so that you avoid delays later. Set your goals : Setting goals is always another important step to time management. Decide what you want in life. Set goals that ar achievable, and that are of priority interest to you. The goals are important in life that will help you in exerting efforts to succeed. Task list : Maintain a Lisst with you. The task List should focuss on your day-to-day tasks. I remember the beginning, as well as the end of the time. For more tips please refer the link in sources. I hope this helps.

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