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What are the steps to personal growth and development?

I recently embarked on a journey of personal growth. However, it hasn’t been easy and I haven’t really seen results. I have tried reading books on ‘improving yourself’ and ‘how to better yourself’ but I never seem to read these books from cover to cover. I have also tried to attend seminars but the motivation only lasts a couple of days and I am back to my old ways. I need a better definition of what is personal development and steps on how to achieve individual growth and development for a more fulfilled life.

Samantha Stevenson

in Self Improvement

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 5, 2018

The idea of personal growth is overwhelming for most people. The majority of people believe they can achieve personal development by simply reading a book or attending a seminar. However, this is not the case. Personal development requires more commitment than this. You need to make specific changes in your life and commit to making a difference in order to make a change. Before we get into the steps you can take to achieve personal development, let’s get a clear understanding of what personal development is. Personal development is the commitment to make a difference in three areas of your life. These include:

  • Your contribution: This includes your family life, community life, career and creative life.
  • Your Growth: This includes spiritual, fitness, health and intellectual skills.
  • Your Experiences: This includes adventures, friendships, relationships and your immediate environment. If you want to learn how to make yourself better and achieve true growth and development, you need to begin by setting some goals and coming up with a plan on how to achieve them.

Below are some of the steps you can take to improve yourself.

1. Understand Yourself: Take some time to think about your weaknesses and strengths and some of the things that might be holding you back. This is one of the hardest things to do. However, once you have done this, you will have a very easy time making changes because you will have an idea of what needs to change.

2. Set Goals: Setting a goal and working every day towards achieving it will not only improve your confidence but make you more passionate about life. Ensure your goals are SMART goals for even better results.

3. Have a plan: Once you have your goals, the next thing you need to do is to come up with a plan on how to achieve them. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, you will need to learn about healthy diets, exercise and begin incorporating healthy habits into your daily life.

4. Improve everyday: In order to stick to your plan, you will need to form daily habits that keep you on track. For example, if you want to drink more water, try doing it every day so that you can develop the habit and make it a part of your daily routine.

5. Challenge yourself: Take on new challenges every day so that you can keep making improvements. If you have been running for 2 miles every day, try adding a half a mile every week to challenge yourself.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

Personal growth is not something that can be achieved overnight. Think about it, the habits you have at the moment took a very long time to develop and become a part of who you are. This means it will take time and effort to develop new habits and become a better person. Therefore, you cannot only rely on books and seminars to improve your habits. You need to be very intentional about your change. Identify the areas that you need to change and come up with a strategy on how to go about making the changes. It might take some time to see results but if you stick to it you will see changes. It might also be a good idea for you to get an accountability partner. An accountability partner is very beneficial because they will help you get back on track whenever you start going back to your old ways.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

We have all been through times in life when we are not motivated to go after personal growth although we want to. The answer above is informative, but as it is written, this won’t happen overnight. In your case, which was similar to mine, you may most probably need inspiration. The first written step is to understand yourself, and this may take some time. That is why I want to advise you to travel abroad to a country with a different language and culture. This will definitely let you understand yourself better and it will give you a chance to set your goals and work on improving yourself.

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