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What are the steps to follow for a course withdrawal?

I need to know about a course withdrawal because I need to do a Virginia tech course withdrawal. I’ve thought I could finish my course, but some personal issues prevented me from dedicating myself to study as I should. I need to know about the course withdrawal Virginia tech process.

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Justin Parker on August 13, 2018

Although when we enroll in college courses, we aim at completing them successfully, there may be unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from completing a college course. This may be a temporary situation that can be solved over time and once that it is solved, we will resume our studies. Or it may be something more serious that can make us leave a course. In any of those cases, we will need to ask for a withdrawal from a course.

The procedure for course withdrawal from Virginia Tech requires the student to fill in a Student Resignation Form ( ). If you prefer, you can write a letter instead of using the Student Resignation Form from this university to withdraw before the first day of the term. The letter must contain the student’s complete name, the student’s identification number, the student’s return address, the semester of the withdrawal, the student’s complete legal signature.

Note that you can withdraw all your courses but the last since this university does not allow students of any level to drop their last course. Likewise, be aware that students that drop classes after the start of the semester will receive prorated tuition charges for the days leading up to the effective date of the resignation or withdrawal.

If your course withdrawals from Virginia Tech are submitted on the first day of classes, you will receive a full refund minus processing fees. If you submit your withdrawal after the first day of classes, you will need a dean’s signature. If you wonder what the effective date of your withdrawal is, it is based on the actual date that your resignation is received. For appeals of effective date of processed forms, you will need to show medical documents or other evidence of processing error to your academic dean.

There are some withdrawal restrictions for students who are athletes and for some international students. They can withdraw courses, but they may not drop below 12 hours without permission. If it is your case, you may ask for further details at the Office of the University Registrar.

Karen Wrighta year ago

Getting accepted to be a student at our favorite university can be so hard that when we are already studying there, we would never think about the possibility of quitting or dropping out. But things happen, and sometimes we don’t even have the choice and we must do what we must do. I had to do a course withdrawal from Virginia Tech some years ago. Sometimes we make plans that seem to be perfect today but that don’t work out over time. I had planned to complete my studies at Virginia Tech in the shortest time. That’s what I thought when I was still in high school. But then I got sick and my recovery took a lot longer than planned. It was totally unexpected, and it didn’t make me forget my goal of getting a degree from that university. Especially now that online education exists to study anywhere anytime.  

Wilson Hansena year ago

It is sad not to be able to finish a course. It happened to me once. When I registered for my course I was very happy. I could only think about all the things that I was going to learn. I was so excited about my new course at the beginning! But then I got a nice job offer and I couldn’t finish the course because of the timetable. I had to do a course withdrawal reluctantly. Mine wasn’t a Virginia Tech course withdrawal, but anyway I liked my institution.  

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