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What are the steps to becoming a project manager?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

Carlton Burgess on December 11, 2018

Become a Project Manager . For those who want to get started in project management the RIGHT way, here are some suggestions:. When it comes to project management, general management, and many other careers, you just have to go get a bit of experience . Get in a team project in some way and find someone that is doing what you want to get. Ask your mentor. Do small jobs for them, the things that are tedious but you will learn. To go beyond that and take advantage of the veterans. You will be surprised how quickly a great attitude and passion that can open doors to progressively higher levels of responsibility. . If you have no experience, however, the PMP certification is NOT for you. Neither are the certifications IPMA. The lowest level IMPA certification requires a "2 FTE years working on projects or 6 months and BA/BS" experience. The PMP requires 3 years of experience with a BA/BS, or 5 without. I interpret "leads and directs project teams" as experience as a project manager. . A great way to get a little formal education and an introduction of the certification is to go for the CAPM exam. The minimum requirements for this test are 23 contact hours of project management education Or 1,500 hours where "to contribute to a project team". . If you are looking for the education in management of projects, I would like to add that its value is very small, unless you are actively working in a project environment where they can apply the concepts they are learning, or at least a project environment as a means to compare the book "learning to" real-life.. Source:

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