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What are the Stanford online masters that you can earn in Engineering?

I guess that Stanford online masters are high-quality studies and that’s why I’m planning to follow my studies and earn one of them, specifically in engineering, which is the area of my professional career. I haven’t taken a college online class before but I want to try because my job takes too much of my time and studying online is my only option now. Stanford online degrees seem nice to me and I’m ready to work hard at the office or at home to get Stanford online certificates.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on June 19, 2018

Lack of time is indeed one of the main reasons that lead students to look for online courses. Thanks to the Internet and the creation of educational platforms, learning online has become possible and well-known institutions as Stanford University offer their lessons on the Web to reach students worldwide.

The list of Stanford masters online, and specifically the master’s degrees from Stanford School of Engineering includes the following programs ([available]=available&credentials[101]=101):

Statistics, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Informatics, Materials Science and Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

You can be absolutely sure that taking Stanford online courses will be a good decision since this private research university is known for its academic strength and it appears in rankings as one of the world's top ten universities.

Although it is hard to find Stanford free online courses since most of them are paid, and in most cases they are very expensive, you could consider searching for a free course first to live the experience of having a college class online and get used to this modality of education before you register for an online program from Stanford.

Udacity ( is an educational platform founded by a Stanford University computer science professor and other colleagues that offers MOOCs (massive open online courses). It has paid courses and also free ones in different areas, such as mobile development, Web development, front-end development, full stack development, deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, data analysis, virtual or augmented reality, marketing, etc.

Those are areas related to IT that are very popular at this time. Many students pursue degrees and careers that have to do with them and they can be useful at some point for you too. Udacity courses include learning content and quizzes. They are self-paced learning which means that you will not have to worry to meet deadlines. You can interact with other students because there is a student support community. And you will prepare to pursue online degrees from Stanford.

You can also get Stanford certificates online if you register for an online course to study in the summer. Although the offer of courses in the summertime is not as large as during other times of the year, you will find interesting topics. Visit the Stanford website to check the prerequisites for each course and its availability. 

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I like online courses because they are the perfect solution for people who work and are too busy to attend classes in person. However, I think that we should start by taking short online courses or free courses on the internet before enrolling in more official courses as the Stanford online masters. By doing that, we’ll get acquainted with the online learning system and it’ll be easier to understand the structure of courses offered by famous universities online. Those courses can be expensive, but Stanford online certificates are definitely worth the cost.  

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

Taking college online classes doesn’t have to be boring or stressful. It can actually be very fun! You just need to learn how everything works and it’ll be nice. It doesn’t take too long to be familiar with online education because most online courses offer not only the possibility of communicating with the instructor of a course but also exchanging ideas and opinions with other students that are taking the same course as you. And that’s great to create groups to help each other study the subject but also to discuss how the platform works. So if you have doubts about it, you know you’re not alone and somebody with more experience online can help you. I don’t know about Stanford programs, but I’ve taken Udacity courses and they’re nice, they work with experts from Stanford, MIT, Google, IBM, etc. So bad they don’t have certificates for free courses. 

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