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What are the signs that a guy likes school high school girl?

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on April 11, 2018

well, if the boy could barely speak, when something suddenly interested in everything that has something to say, more closely, he loves. also, if you catch him looking at your back or chest...he's attracted... so pull the line and reel from him! Answer: this is my answer and I hope this helps you, I'm a middle child from school. As I acted on my biggest crush in high school that I started talking to them, but when we're alone I can barely remember anything to say. I became his friend, and if our friend, there I am tongue tied. I don't know about the previous answer. Basically, if you go and talk to you, but 2 could not find anything to say, this does not mean that 2 does not have much in common, or that he loves you, but that's just to shy to admit it. If they are not shy, as a rule, just come and talk to you and ask him out.

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