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What are the significant steps for rescheduling an exam schedule?

I am sitting for my final university exam is in a few weeks. Some days ago I realized my sociology final exam is scheduled at the same time with another paper I am supposed to also sit for. I would like to ask for urgent advice from individuals familiar with such cases since college finals week is around the corner. I would specifically like the necessary procedure to take for changing the exam schedule and any information related to my situation.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 2, 2018

I know it is frustrating when the schedule clashes to have two exams at the same time. Students in most colleges access the exam timetable at the school’s website or the school’s student center. The exam timetable should be set appropriately displaying both the time and locations of each exam. When scheduling the exam, it is appropriate if the timetable does not have more than two exams in a day. The exam timetable should also be followed strictly with an exemption of only a few cases like that in your case. In your case, all is not lost, there are a few steps you can take to make a rescheduling arrangement for your final exam in university.

• Immediately after you notice your exam time table clashes, go the Registrar office and report the issue earlier before the week of college finals. Since it is a process, you should attend to it early and have the issue sorted before sitting for the exams.

• At the office, you will be given a change exam request form. Fill the form with the details that point out when the clash is and the courses that clash in the timetable.

• Submit the filled form to the dean of students. The form will have to be reviewed and approved therefore to point out again you should apply for rescheduling arrangement as soon as you can. When the request is approved, necessary changes will be made in the timetable to accommodate your final sociology exam.

The examination policies and how exams are scheduled varies from one school to another. However in all schools exam timetables are strictly followed unless there is a legit reason preventing students from sitting for the exam. These reasons include

• Severe illness

If the student is gravely ill, he or she may be exempted from sitting for the exam and will do a makeup exam at a later date. In this case, however, the school administration may need official documentation from a physician to confirm the illness of the student before exempting them.

• Family emergencies

When a student is faced with a serious family emergency like the death of a close family member, they could ask for an official exemption from the school. The student will be exempted but will have to retake the exam they missed.

Brian Warnera year ago

I also had three exams scheduled in one day, however, in my case, I found out a few days before the exam. I agree that if you want to make rescheduling arrangement do so early to avoid any inconveniences. Since it was too late to reschedule the exam timetable in my situation the school allowed me to sit for two exams and I applied to do the other exam after the exam period. Aside from the reasons mentioned above when the
timetable is set such that the student has three exams on a day they can be allowed to miss out on one and sit for it later. Additionally, students who are engaged in extra curriculum activities during the exam period may be allowed to sit for the final examination at a later day. The university must, however, sponsor the activities.

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