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What are the school reform strategies in the United States?

What are the school reform strategies recently implemented by the government aimed at improving the quality of education or making it less expensive to access education. Focus should be on recent education reforms: the current and previous governments. Any teaching reform that has been implemented or announced by the two governments fits the bill. Also explain why Obama’s reforms stand out. Note that I am more interested in College education reform than high school reforms. I am aware there are many reform strategies but I cannot state for sure the individual ones. Help me out here, please. Thanks

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 28, 2018

The previous administration under Obama debuted the college score card and the college toolkit while emphasizing the need for transparency when it came to job placement and graduation rates. This is among the important current education reforms. The government was also tough on education institutions that are for for-profit which led to the closing of many for-profit vocational schools whose job placement and graduation rates were low. For those for-profit schools that remained open, instructional and spending services has grown by twenty-five percent. In his first term, the president also declared new initiatives to kickstart the development of workforce. Jointly, the departments of education and labour availed five hundred million dollars to community colleges. The funding was aimed at supporting on campus learning as well as distance learning for those in pursuance of technical careers. In his second term, the administration announced a plan aimed at pairing for-profit institutions and colleges to provide courses for continuing education credits to students of low income families. The government also saw the creation of regulations for programs meant for teachers’ education to make sure that those entitled to federal TEACH grants were only teachers in high standard K-12 teacher preparation plans.

Though previous US presidents initiated school-reform strategies that had an impact on higher education policies, Obama did unique prioritizations that have acted as precedents for better reforms in the future. According to analysts, results matter as well as finances. Barry, a policy analyst says it is easy for the republicans to ask for reform and democrats to call for money. Obama stood out in that he combined teaching reforms and resources which is the best way of ensuring improvement continues in the American system of higher education.

A few weeks after the election, the current president suggested a higher education reform where all borrowers would be enrolled in a plan that caps student monthly payments to twelve and a half percent of the monthly earnings and forgive debt after fifteen years. The recent income based program, REPAYE, short for revised pay as you earn, forgives loan balances after twenty years while capping monthly payments to ten percent of the borrower’s earnings. The present congress has proposed a limitation to the role of the federal authority in higher education. In April this year, Trump signed an executive order calling for a review of the government’s role in education. His reform efforts saw the passing of every student succeeds Act (ESSA) that offers a state more control over its education.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

Well answered. It is true that Trump perceives education as a local and primary state rather than a responsibility of the federal government and this is evident in the skinny budget that he proposed in his initial school reform. For instance, the president’s initial budget had reduced funding the Education Department’s budget by thirteen percent which translated to around nine billion dollars. However, while the administration of Trump seemed to make various sudden reforms in higher education, not much has bared fruits: it has not altered the course from the approach taken by Obama’s administration. There hasn’t been any change in Obama’s guidance with regard to Title IX which deals with how campus sexual offenders are prosecuted. Trump’s administration has also not changed how Obama’s government held for-profit education institutions accountable. However, it is believed with time there will be significant changes to Obama’s approach and policies concerned with improving the education system in USA.

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