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What are the roman contributions to architecture and engineering?

Caroline Campbell

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Ramon Kelly on September 20, 2018

Wow...Where to start? So, the Colosseum was one of the many architectural achievements won by the Romans. It housed 50,000 people, had an area beneath the fighting floor, and is (partially) today!. The aqueducts were also among the many advances. The romans used these structures to convey the water through an archway that lead from the mountains directly to the city, allowing plumbing and clean water, without any type of trip.. Stone paths were achieved by the construction of the appian way (Via Appia in Latin), which made the journey faster, easier and more enjoyable.. Caesar, during the crossing of the Rubicon, to build a LARGE bridge with his army in only 2 weeks or so. He uses gravity and leverage of the hammer on the huge support beams of metro, through the construction of a device that was going to be dragged by a rope, then dropped (at an angle of 45 degrees) directly on the beam of wood.. If I need more, please, feel free to correct me, but those are the major advances.

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