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What are the roles of the ministry of higher education?

I would like to know the responsibilities of the ministry of higher education. I have difficulty distinguishing between the ministry of education and that of higher education. Can someone tell me how this ministry is related to the institute of higher learning and also how it affects the national centre of science and technology? I have heard that the ministry controls and appoints the members in the commission on higher education, but I still need clarification on the bounds of the ministry’s jurisdiction. I also need information on the ministry’s composition and what it does to resolve the issues related to employability and graduation rates.

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 24, 2018

The higher education ministry is a very significant organ in the national government. At the top it is composed of the cabinet secretary who is assisted by the permanent secretary. Below them are the principal secretaries who are the heads of the various departments under the Higher Ed Ministry. The rest are heads of the various colleges and universities and the employees who work in the ministry’s departments as well as colleges and universities. There are a number of responsibilities which the ministry of higher learning is charged with as I have explained in the following paragraphs.

First of all, the ministry draws up policies, strategies and plans for higher educational reforms and development. Also, the ministry drafts the necessary rules and regulations, and it goes ahead to supervise their implementation. Furthermore, it takes charge of the overall planning, management and coordination of all forms of teaching and learning at various colleges and universities.

Also note that the ministry lays down the requirements for the university curriculum that includes teaching and examination. Furthermore, it offers guidance for the management of learning, organizes and directs the evaluation and inspection of the implementation of education reforms. In regard to your concern regarding the jurisdictional limits of the ministry, you should understand that the ministry is legally mandated to manage all institutes of higher learning and the corresponding departments.

I understand that it easier to merge the roles of ministry of education and the ministry of higher education. The roles are clear, the ministry of education is in charge of all matters related to teaching and learning at all stages of learning, and its responsibilities engulf the role of higher learning department unless otherwise the roles are clearly distinguished by the laws of thecountry.

The ministry of higher learning appoints the members of the higher education commission. It also defines the commission’s roles, which overally is termed to be the roles of the ministry. These roles include accreditation of the courses to be offered by the universities, vetting chancellors and their deputies, providing guidance for the reformation and the development of employment-oriented programs, formulating curriculum catalogues, providing teaching guidance, and regulating standards of teaching and examination assessment.

Finally, the higher education ministry directs the department of higher learning to take charge of the overall educational funds management through, auditing, formulating policies for allocating and raising funds, capital investment in construction, preparing funding statistics and budgeting for research programs.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

The roles are of the ministry of higher education are versatile. The answer above has elaborated on a good number of them, although it has not explored all of them. It is true that the ministry is a pivotal wing in ensuring that education progresses and that its highest value is attained. With a properly structured and managed ministry of higher education, other ministries such science and technology, Industrialization, water, finance, agriculture and transport stand higher chances of success. Higher Ed determines the kind of technology and personnel that will impact other
ministries either negatively or positively.

Just remember that the ministry manages the entrance examination for academic credentials for higher learning and the administration of student records and enrolment status. For the universities to be able to produce quality professionals, the ministry begins by setting standards for those seeking enrolment into areas of higher learning. Most importantly, the ministry directs all the departments to submit annual reports to be included in the ministry of higher education review.

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