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What are the restrictions on UK student visa?

I want to apply for student visa work permit, I have been thinking about it for a while. I feel that it is time to make ends meet as a student. One of my friends has given me detailed information about UK student visa application that I am considering since my mind was not settled after I had some discussions with my relatives about Ireland student visa. I feel that the whole idea of student's visa is not clear. I want to know what the restrictions of UK student visa are before I make up my mind.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on August 29, 2018

Many times what makes us restless is the desire to satisfy desires, they are limitless and as long as we are not on the top of the hierarchy, we will always be disturbed. It is common to everyone. As a student, I see that you have many unanswered questions. You need to make choices in life that add value to you. It is great that you are thinking about possible ways that will make you advance, not only academically but also in all spheres of life. As you say, the issues of student's visa may be simple but can turn out to be sour when you do not understand what they require you to do. You are a wise person. Getting the right information, before doing anything else is essential. The path you have taken of inquiring is the best.

When I see such questions I usually know that something is not right. I provide the information I know to give guidance that can bring relive and allow one to make a good choice. The visa work permit for students is one of the best ways through which a student can work and earn a living. In the UK, we have a Tier 4 visa that will allow you to work. It may not be possible that foreign students know what it entails in restricting a student to particular matters.

From your question, I see that you are looking for legally accepted avenues that will allow you earn some extra cash while studying. In as much as student visa application-UK is not complicated, it comes with some restrictions that you need to adhere. You can be allowed to work but the limitation is that you cannot be self-employed or involve yourself in business. I have seen many students who find opportunity and start doing business ignorantly. I am glad that you asked before making a choice and ensuring that you do a right evaluation. Find clear information about the Irelands' student visas and compare where you can be comfortable. You also have to note that you cannot be employed permanently on a full-time job or as an entertainer. Many students have felt that the rules are harsh for them, those who end up breaking them suffer the consequences. If you do the right thing, student visa-UK is not burdensome.  

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I believe that the world is a harbor of good people. You have challenged me. You have changed the whole aspects of my life. I could not help anyone even if he or she needs a piece of information that I know, as long as he or she is not my children that do not bother me. I may not have got much about the student's visa, but I have learned a simple lesson of providing helpful information. I know the person that has asked this question has found the right information and advice on UK student visa and the work permit. I respect you much.  

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