What are the requirements to apply for a Stanford online degree?

I have been looking for the distance learning colleges where I can pursue my dream degree course. I have gone through several schools, and I have landed on Stanford as the best option for me. I would like people to help me determine the Stanford online degree I could pursue at the university. I would like any information about the requirements for an individual to access the best online education at Stanford University. I would like to know about the things I need to have when taking online classes.

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on July 11, 2018

As a former student at Stanford, I can tell you that Stanford is among the top universities that offer the best education online. I completed my bachelor's degree a few years back, and I also did an online graduate program at Stanford. When I first applied for the online classes, I tried to find as much information about the online degree at Stanford.

At Stanford does not offer all its programs online; before you make your application, you should confirm that it’s available on the web. On the site, you will find a list of the courses that they offer and whether they give students a chance to take online classes of the course. If your course of choice is in the online program selection, you can make your application. You can also only one degree per academic year. However, the school gives an exemption for some courses; you can visit the website to seem

  •    The only way you can apply for an online Stanford degree you hold accreditations from a previous institution. In case you are enrolling in an undergraduate program you should have certifications from high school. If you intend to join a graduate program, you should at least hold a degree from an undergraduate program.
  •    The applicant must also have scored an average grade that has been set by the admissions office. You can only apply for a course that you are qualified for depending on your grade points and average points required.
  •    You should also have a good command of English. You should be proficient in English and must be able to speak and write English adequately. You are therefore required to sit for an English proficiency test that will determine if you have the English language skills required for the admission.
  •    For an applicant to be accepted into any distance learning college, he or she should be able to possess basic computer skills.  An applicant should have typing skills and the ability to use the internet is among the skills you should have to be able to apply for a spot at Stanford. You should also have the necessary software, and it should be updated.
  •    You should ensure that you have filled the application before the deadline. Once you have done that you should pay the application fee and processing fee that you may be asked to pay. You can submit the application form and wait for the response from the admissions. 

Kyle Mckinney7 months ago

I agree that when applying for an online degree at Stanford, there are certain specifications that you should be willing to meet depending on the education level you are applying to.

You should also provide a copy of your standardized test scores. Undergraduate students will provide SAT or ACT scores whereas graduates will be asked to provide a copy of their degree certificate.  

You may be asked to write a college essay. You should describe your life and your experiences. Your college essay should be catchy to give the admissions office reason to consider you for the application. You should be able to show why you are the best choice candidate and how the course you applied for influences your future goals

If you have any other questions you may have on the admission you can visit the school's website or visit the school office for inquiries.  Career offices are also helpful in giving advice on school applications. 

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