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What are the requirements for studying in top universities in USA?

I would like to find out what I should know before applying to one of the top universities in USA. I specifically need entry requirements, details on the process of application, and any information on scholarships that are offered in the universities in USA. I would also like to get a list of guidelines that will guide me through the application process of how to study abroad with ease. I also need options of credible universities I could apply to and a search engine I could use to find a good university with quality academic education.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 4, 2018

The USA is among the most highly preferable countries for students who want to study abroad. The entry requirements for you to study in the USA entirely depend on the academic level you are going to receive there. The undergraduate program candidates are required to have completed at least twelve academic years similar to the secondary education system in the USA. A document certifying that you have completed high school or attained a high school diploma in your country. You should also have the necessary English language skills and a score of at least 68 in the TOEFL proficiency test. You should also have academic proof you can undertake education at the undergraduate level. In case you intend to apply for a master’s program, you must hold a bachelor’s degree received after at least four years of study in your home country and official transcripts to back up your certification. It is also important to have two letters of recommendation, a resume for master’s program application and at least a 79 score on TOEFL English proficiency test. Additionally, there are other specific requirements you should meet depending on your course.

The steps to applying to any university in USA are straightforward. First, complete an online application form and send it to the enrollment officer in your country. Send some necessary documents which include:

  • Professional academic results in English
  • English proficiency results
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your student essay

Once your application is granted and the acceptance letter is sent pay a deposit for your visa application. You will receive an immigration document and then apply for your student visa that will enable you to study in US universities. Once your visa is granted pay part of your visa application fee. Fill in other documents needed inclusive of health and details documents. In the USA even international students have an opportunity of attaining scholarships however your eligibility entirely depends on your academic performance excellence. Most top ranked universities in USA offer scholarships twice in a semester during the summer and fall seasons. The terms and conditions of each university vary. Visit their web site or their application forms to read them carefully before you fill the form. If you need help choosing highly ranked universities, conduct a quick research on the universities famous for academic excellence. A few top list universities include: Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Emily Alexandera year ago

Initially I applied to a top university in USA and my request was rejected, however some time ago I reapplied and my application was approved. At first I failed to submit some entry requirements stated above. The applications are not limited to any period so you could send your application at any time. If you are applying for a master’s degree ensure you have completed a bachelor program or a six year study program. In case your application is first denied, the deposit on your visa will be fully refunded to you. Receiving a bachelor’s and master’s degrees takes at most four and two years respectively depending on your field course. International students also have a chance to apply for off campus jobs as long as they notify the international student office. Before applying to any university in the USA ensure it is certified by the US Department of Education.

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