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What Are the Reliable Study Tools Apart from Study Games?

With the finals around the corner, it has become more important that I learn the study tools and methods that can work best for me. Taking into account the numerous varieties of subjects that I'll be facing, it will be correct to say that I’ve panicked a little bit. I believe that the essential study games and tools will not only reduce my stress but also capitalize on my study time so that I can reach my academic goals.

How effective are these games and Fisdap study tools? Will other study tools for college students offer me the opportunity to reach my potential? Thanks.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 19, 2018

Studying for an undergraduate degree is among the painstaking experiences of your life that are equally rewarding. While the choosing what, where, and how to study may be difficult, the answers to these and other tough college questions are very available through avenues such participating in a study game. Here are additional tools of study for college students.

Mind maps

This tool is perfect for academic students who learn visually. It is still effective regardless of the university course you’re pursuing. With the mind maps, you will be able to create a draft of your course modules, summarize lectures, brainstorm ideas, plan your essays or analyze a particular topic in depth, and outline your thesis/dissertation structure.


The flashcard tool is perfect if you’re looking for a tool that ensures that you retain information better. The memory improvement strategy has significantly benefited college students in different parts of the country and the world at large. Created to ensure you absorb any important information, this study tool for college students helps you to accomplish the following.

  • You can study any course module with formulas, complex concepts, and dates.
  • It is a quick test of your knowledge.
  • It helps in the revision of vocabulary in your specific language modules.
  • One of the key benefits of using this tool is that you can use them on the go

The Fisdap tools of study

The tool was made to offer students the freedom to study independently. As opposed to Fisdap Testing, this comprehensive practice exam doesn’t need to be proctored or scheduled by you. Notably, you can take exams at your own time.

Quiz maker

This is a great knowledge testing program. Here, you can create your revision exercises and test yourself with whatever you may have studied. University students mostly use this tool to evaluate the progress of their study as well as identify the regions that they need to work on. This tool allows you to create relevant questions that you can use to test your knowledge or that of your peers collaboratively.

College students also enjoy using the tool as they can get feedback and identify the areas to invest more effort. The tool can be used to create exercises according to past papers, practice different examination questions, styles, and types. It can also test your knowledge on particular topics and refresh your memory a day to the exam date.


With notes from every single module you take in the university, it can be difficult to determine where you can begin your revision. However, the Exam Time’s notebook makes it easier to take notes. It is the ideal program of gathering any essential information from a class then stores them online.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

The study tools for college students stated above are some of the most effective and can go a long way in improving your general academic performance. If you’re studying those courses that are highly theoretical, you may be required to remember a lot of information. Notably, this is the challenge reported by most students. Fortunately, these tools that have revolutionized learning. Apart from the tools mentioned above, the following study tips may be essential.

First, it’s advisable that you do the reading and never miss on a single class. Theoretical subjects also need you to keep revising in order to familiarize with the concepts. You can also organize for group discussion sessions where you meet with friends and focus on solving any academic problems. All these tips together with the range of study tools can be crucial in ensuring you come out triumphant.

All the best as you prepare for your final examinations!

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