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What are the qualities of a good professional who offers tutoring services for my child?

I know that tutoring services are beneficial for weak students who want to improve their academic capabilities. My child is very weak in mathematics, and I want him to improve his math skills, and this can be achieved through a good math tutor. I have approached various centers that offer math tutors for adults services, but I am not sure if they can teach my child. This is because I do not know the qualities that can be used to define a professional who offers tutor services children. Moreover, these centers target adults and not students. Therefore, I am interested to know the qualities that define a good tutor, so that I can hire one who will help my child improve his grades.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 30, 2018

Your question is very relevant, and it is an indication that you are highly concerned about the future of your child. Helping your child to access tutoring services is one of the ways that can help him improve his academic capabilities. Nonetheless, to get professional tutor services, you must hire a well-educated and experienced tutor. On this note, relevant education is a key quality of a good high school math tutor. For instance, when seeking services from tutors; hire a teacher who has a degree on the subject that you want him to teach your child.

On this basis, a good math tutor for high school students will possess a qualification in mathematics. It is unwise to hire an English teacher to teach mathematics subject to your child. The level of proficiency and effectiveness will not be the same.

Moreover, another quality of a good tutor is the capability to build a strong relationship with their students. This is also applicable to all kind of tutors, including maths tutors for adults. When a teacher is able to build a personal relationship with his student, the chances are high that he will understand his weaknesses, concerns and various needs. On this basis, he will build and develop the lesson plans, based on the need to serve the identified interests and needs. On this note, be sure to examine whether the tutor you want to hire has the capability of creating a strong relationship with your child. You will know based on the manner he is interacting with you.

This brings us to the next quality of a good tutor. He has the capability of initiating professional communication with parents of their students. Note that, tutoring does not only involve teaching individual lessons to students, but it also includes communicating such findings to the parents of those students. Parents need to know the progress and weakness of their children, and this can best be communicated by a tutor. This is an attribute that even professionals providing math tutors for adults services are aware of.

Finally, a good tutor is patient and very flexible. He is patient because the students they normally teach are weak and may have different levels of understanding. It will take time for these students to understand the concepts that are being taught. Moreover, if a specific lesson plan and strategy is not working, a good tutor will be flexible enough to use another study design and strategy.

The mentioned are just a few of the qualities of a good tutor, and you can learn more, if you research the topic.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

I love the manner this question has been answered. It is an obvious fact that a good high school math tutor must possess mathematical skills for him to be able to tutor your child on the subject. This is a qualification that is well explained in the answer, and the consequence of using unqualified teacher is highlighted. It is a fact that an English professional cannot adequately teach mathematics to your child. Hire him if you want your child to access English tutor services. However, for mathematics, look for a mathematics teacher.

There is no shortcut in this, do it right, and your child will improve his academic scores. Furthermore, the answer touches on flexibility and patience. I am aware that all teachers must have this attribute, and it is not limited to private tutors only. Nonetheless, this point is well explained and detailed enough. Flexibility and patience is a key determinant of how successful a teacher will be, when teaching his students.

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