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What are the pros of attending a higher education centre?

I have recently started high school and I’m looking forward to joining college in the near future. My parents really want me to get college education and as such I’m forced to think of what I would like to pursue as my future career. First of all, I need information regarding a higher education center I can choose to attend. So, I need to be enlightened on higher education graduate programs that are currently being offered by our public universities. My family can only pay 50 percent of my tuition fees and I wish to know how to access higher education grants. Finally, when suggesting higher education programs I can choose from, kindly indicate which ones have a scholarship program.

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 29, 2018

There is so much information that is available and can help you choose an appropriate center of higher education. First of all, you did not specify which discipline you wish to pursue. There is varying information regarding the different study fields offered in different American universities. Depending on how good you performed and how well you are going to perform in your SAT exam, you may choose to pursue any of the following:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Business courses
  • Computer related courses
  • Architecture

Remember, all the above courses have different demands. However, the one constant factor required is a good performance that is well above average.

Personally, I pursued a bachelor’s of civil engineering. I was lucky in the sense that this course was offered in all public universities but had varying performance entry. During my time, every student who met the required aggregate was offered a 70 percent funded scholarship. So, you are not an exception, if you perform well on your entry examination you might as well afford a fully funded scholarship and all your parents will be required to do is to finance your personal life. If you are not lucky to secure a government scholarship simply apply for a higher education grant in one of the micro-credit financial institutions in your home town.

My concern is also on your family’s ability to fund your higher education graduate program. It can be easier to pursue your studies when the school you choose is located near your hometown since you can commute on a daily basis and save on accommodation and food expenditure.

Physically attending college can be out of your choices and instead you consider distance learning. With this approach you can look for a part time job which will enable you study as you earn some little income to support your lifestyle. A distance higher education program also comes with many other benefits. You’ll be able to meet people from all corners of the globe. You will interact with instructors and colleagues from foreign nations. They will share the prevailing market conditions in other geographical locations and at the end of your program, you will be sure that you can work anywhere.

Just remember that your options are open. Take your time, prepare adequately for admission examinations, choose your career well and weigh the financing options. Do not strain your family a lot and neither should you settle for what is so low.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I believe higher learning graduate programs are the backbone of success in the current globalized economy. The response above is excellent and offers a diverse range of information that is highly beneficial to choosing the perfect program for your future profession. I agree that you need to
prepare very well for your SATs or other school tests depending on which one you are going to pursue. Apply for multiple grants and scholarship both in America and beyond. You never know which funding organization is going to consider your case and support you.

Also, evaluate the market demands of the course you’re going to pick so that when you finish your studies you will be able to find a job easily. Remember that by making the correct choices you give yourself a wonderful shot to be able to lead a happy life in future.

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