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What are the Pros and cons of computers?

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Craig Stewart on May 13, 2018

a good thing about computers are the ones that make our life much easier. They help us communicate to people far away by e-mail. Also we can research things and get deep information about this at the press of a button. A negative thing about computers are that they have some innappropriate things on them, such as images. That things can get in our head and mak . Components Of The Internet . The Internet components most Internet users are familiar with their e-mail, the web, and access to the internet. But if you are considering the possibility of setting up a website for your business and/or become your own web master there are other components of the Internet to take into account. What follows is a list of all the most common components of the Internet. The access To interact directly with the Internet requires some form of access or connectivity to the Internet. Chat - IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is used for live discussions on the Internet. Ecommerce - Taking orders for products and services on the Internet. E-mail - Exchanging electronic letters, messages and small file size. FTP - File Transfer Protocol is the most common method of transferring files between computers over the Internet. Hosting - Making information available to other users of the Internet. Mailing lists - E-mail messages forwarded to everyone on a special interest list. Search engines - These tools are really a part of the World Wide Web and is used often when searching for information because the Web has grown so large and is without any inherent organizational structure. Telnet - Creation of a dumb terminal session to a computer in order to run software applications on the host system. Usenet - newsgroups for receiving news and sending out announcements. World Wide Web - This is the largest, fastest growing, part of the Internet, the part for which Internet browsers like Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer has been designed. The business is the main factor fueling the rapid growth of the Web making information, advertising, and product orders at the fingertips of all with access to the Web.. About Us | Support | Email Us | Links | Home Copyright © 1996-2004 Antronics Corp. All rights reserved.. and it seems to us well.

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