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What are the proper education steps to become a child and adolescene psychologist do you get BA MA Ph.D or is it BS MS Ph.D and is there any specific degrees for ex. master in developmental psy?

Amanda Johnson

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on October 30, 2018

You can get B. A. or B. S., that depends on the university/college you attend, and on the amount of science/art classes that you take. I think that once you want to get a job in the difference is not significant. Therefore, if you look at the programs that you want to attend you can choose to receive the B. A. M. A. Phd B. S. M. S. Phd. A Psy.D is for Clinical Psychology, but you mentioned the Psychology of the Development, so you should go for a Phd. You can get specific degrees, such as in a Bachelor's degree in Art/Science of Developmental Psychology, or Child Psychology, Psychology of Adolescent, or Child and Adolescent Psychology. So that you can choose. On the other hand, the majority of the institutions offer general psychology, so they just get a B. A./B. S. in Psychology. And also you can choose with masters and doctorates. It really doesn't matter which Degree you get as long as it is the psychology, as an alternative to its master and doctorate should be about the specific branch you choose. Oh, and yes, there are specific degrees. In all of them, of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral.

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