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What are the most reliable online eds programs?

I am quite interested in the concept of online distance learning since I have a few talents that I think I can make a bit of money from but they need improvement. I don’t really need a degree but just a way to learn quickly and without the need to go back to a classroom. What great online eds programs are available and are they free? What advice can you give me on how to take online classes and what available online education statistics can help sway my choice of a course?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on April 10, 2018

Distance online learning is quickly gaining traction as a sustainable way to learn and improve one’s skills or even better employment prospects. Tuition is getting more expensive each year, while students have less time to focus on classwork or even attend school due to varying demands. Even adults are enrolling in distance learning programs to allow them to finish their high school diplomas, degrees or certificates. Distance learning is in most instances less expensive than attending class and as such, most people would prefer such programs. For some courses, however, it is difficult to apply for because they need either teacher-student interaction, laboratory instruction or other key elements pertaining to learning.

Since you are choosing to pursue an online education program simply to better your talents, you are better than someone who may be looking to get an actual degree from online classes. Many universities offer distance learning programs for some courses which one still needs to pay for. However, there are many platforms that offer online learning courses and modules with full professional frameworks at no cost at all. If you want to develop a talent in the arts, there are free online courses that will help make you a better artist. They won’t give you a certification but the instruction that you get from these will still be invaluable in making you better.

So how does one take online classes? It’s really simple, you only need a reliable internet connection that will allow you to download or stream videos. Now the biggest learning platform is YouTube, if you are not looking to get a certification. Professionals and experts post videos of their work and how to do certain things every day and as an artist or someone looking to develop their talents, this would be the perfect place to start. The problem is that there probably won’t be any lesson plans and you might not be able to relate everything you watch to theory.

There are also EDX and Coursera which are educational platforms that have been developed in conjunction with some of the best universities and instructors in the world.  Talking about statistics on online education, the National Student Clearing House Research Centre estimates that at least 50% of all classes will have some sort of online delivery by 2019.

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