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What are the most recent developments in Oklahoma education news?

I would like updates on any important happenings in Oklahoma education news. I would appreciate a detailed round up on the current issues addressed in elementary education articles. I need a highlight of the current trends in the elementary education sector. This will greatly help me when it comes to making education related decisions for my three children.

In conclusion, please point out credible and informative sources of online education news.

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 24, 2018

There has been noteworthy incidences when it comes to news on education in Oklahoma. One of the issues that got statewide attention concerned budget cuts in various state organizations. Among them is the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

However, a Republican representative termed this as “fake news.” He further reiterated that the state had increased funding per student yearly since 2010.
A recently published elementary education article pointed out the following issues as the current trends in the sector:
● Technology in education: Technology is increasingly playing an integral role in the education process. New technologies will have a noticeable impact on education. The rise of technology-based tutoring has had a significant effect on student learning. Some of the emerging issues include the Khan Academy.
● School policies: These have been a hot subject of discussion among many parents in Oklahoma. Schools with scandalous policies have been on the news of late. Some of the contentious issues include repeating of grades by low performing students, the role of homework in education, uniforms and praying in schools.
● Schooling reforms: Schools are making various adjustments to enhance the education experience. Some of the emerging issues in school reforms include the advent of 4-day school weeks, traditional grading of student performance and the impact of vouchers in the improvement of school merit.
● Child Development: Issues affecting children such as playing, cheating among children, increased academic pre-schooling and gender have come up as vital issues in education.
● Health: Health among students has become an issue of great importance to parents in Oklahoma. Parents in collaboration with the schools are tackling obesity and eating habits of pupils. Below is a list of credible sources of news on education online:
● State department of education website: This is by far the most credible and informativesource of education related matters. Access the Oklahoma state department of education website by clicking on this link
● Blogs: Many blogs churn out material on education online. Read the articles posted and sample reviews. This will help a lot when it comes to determining the credibility of the information provided.
● Online articles: Articles on education get published day in day out. Be keen on articles that provide education information in Oklahoma as this will be of more help to you.
● Online magazines: Access online magazines to get valuable insight on the current affairs in education. Particularly focus on Oklahoma based online magazines.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

The person giving this answer seems to know about this matter. I find the answer very appropriate especially on the current trends in education.
Oklahoma education news is particularly difficult to come across when you live abroad. I had the same problem when I worked in France. That aside, I would like to add information on the current trends in the Oklahoma education sector. Below are trends I have identified:
Compliance to national standards: Schools in Oklahoma ought to comply with the nationally set standards. Emerging issues in this area include the significance of higher math in lower classes, performance according to the global achievement gap and performance in math.
Collaborative learning: The significance of cooperative learning in contemporary education is noticeable. Schools are embracing the formation of study groups to help in peer-to-peer learning. This learning method encourages both individual and group accountability. Therefore, students learn to work collaboratively.

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