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What Are the Most Important Things to Consider When Sending Your Son to a Public School?

I am trying to figure out which public school should I send my son to. It is a big change for him as he is now far away from his friends and family, and I do not want him to have a bad educational or personal experience at the new school—I don’t want him to spend his high school years at a place he hates. The only thing I know is that I should check different public school rankings as it could be an indicator of the quality of education in different schools. I am also looking for a place where I can find the best school backpacks.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 19, 2018

I believe that the first thing you should focus on when looking at public schools is thinking about your son’s needs, capabilities, hobbies, and talents. Knowing all of that can definitely help you through the process. Also, your son’s opinion about the school is very important. Some students have special learning needs and may require more individual attention than others. Other students may prefer work that is more challenging, or they would like to be in an environment that focuses more on creativity. So, I believe that thinking only about the rankings of public schools is not the best way to choose the most suitable school for your son, especially for the years of high school, because at this age, students most probably would like to choose the school for themselves. Your son may be surprisingly helpful in making this decision and bring up some points that you haven’t even thought about—today’s kids are very smart!

Of course, thinking about your son’s hobbies and talents is very important.
A student who practices a certain sport, plays music, or participates in drama activities, will be much more satisfied in an environment that encourages his favorite activity or sport, and that will definitely improve his overall learning experience. Also, the location of the school can be very important as you won’t need your son to waste a lot of time on the way to school and back every day. Plus, when he starts driving, it will be less headache for you if the school is close—you will not have to worry about him driving long distances every day. Now, I believe that you may have shortlisted some of the available public schools. I think that the next step is to do research on each school’s reputation, curriculum, academic performance, safety, facilities, services, and admission procedures.

People are sociable by nature, and most people like to share their experiences. Ask your neighbors, your colleagues at work, or even other parents that you meet in the supermarket until you have an overview of the best public schools in the area. Also, check each school’s curriculum and make sure it matches your son’s needs, and do not forget to consider your son’s opinion. Regarding the backpacks, I personally think that you can buy the best school backpack online as you can see the reviews of many different users, plus shopping online can be cheaper sometimes.

Kayla Bowena year ago

I definitely agree with most of this, but I think that a very important point
was missed. I believe that the parent should always visit each school with
their child before making a choice. It is better to meet the teachers, the
students, and everyone at the school face to face instead of just estimating the schools by the opinions of other people. Each person has their own personal opinion and that does not mean it is always right. That way you get to see each school’s culture, services, and facilities. Also, I believe that students in their high school years should definitely participate in making the decision as long as the parents see that it is reasonable and not random.

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