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What are the most important dates on the UMass Amherst academic calendar?

I want to know the important dates on the UMass Amherst academic calendar because I want to study at UMass. I have not seen the UMass Amherst calendar, but I know that it includes the main activities of that university so it’s important to see the UMass schedule.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on August 17, 2018

UMass is a good public research university. You are on the right track, since it is advisable to get as much information as you can about the universities of your choice to be totally sure that you choose to submit your application to the ones that suit you best.

You are right, it is essential that students get familiar with the important dates of the university they attend and in order to do that, they can consult the academic calendar that universities publish each year and that is changed or updated over the course of time if need be.

The academic calendar of UMass Amherst is available on the website of this university at: 

You can see there all the dates of importance for any student this academic year, here are some of them:
Start day of summer classes: May 21
End day of summer classes: August 17
Start day of fall classes: September 4
End day of fall classes: December 12
Start of final examinations: December 14
End of final examinations: December 20

The most important dates regarding the academic year 2018-2019 on the calendar of UMass Amherst are:
Start day of classes: December 26
End day of classes: January 19
Start of final examinations: May 3
End of final examinations: May 9

The University of Massachusetts Amherst does not only provide its students with academic knowledge but it also helps them develop their social abilities and expand their cultural knowledge. Thus, besides the academic calendar, you can also take a look at the schedule of UMass for social and cultural activities at the following address:  

It shows all the activities organized by this university on campus and at other locations. Those activities can be art, dance, film, literature, music, sports or recreation events as well as conferences, seminars and workshops.

If you are particularly interested in the events organized by students that take place on campus as well as in other locations, you can visit UMassAmherst Campus Pulse ( ). You will find the complete list of events and a short description for each one of them.

Caroline Campbella year ago

I started my undergraduate studies last year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and I can say that the academic calendar of UMass Amherst is still for me as useful as it was when I started college. I had seen it even before I applied to study at UMass, because I had to navigate the website of the university to search for its application and admission deadlines. I had not finished high school then, but I had already understood that it was important to start searching for information some time in advance in order to be able to get everything in order. Now in college, I have a few classmates that are always lost. They ask all the time about the dates of the exams or the dates of the holidays, but they could get that information and be well informed if they just took a look at the calendar.  

Ronald Millera year ago

I also think that it is important to look at the UMass Amherst academic calendar if you already study there or if you are still planning to study there after completing your high school studies. It is very useful and you are able to know how the university works just by taking a look at the UMass schedule. Besides, it will be easier for you to manage your time while you study at university if you follow the dates shown on the calendar and prepare for the finals.


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