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What are the most important dates of the UMass academic calendar?

I don’t have the UMass academic calendar, but I need it because I’d like to study there. I guess that the start of classes is indicated on the UMass Boston academic calendar. I should remember those dates or maybe note down the academic calendar UMass provides.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on August 14, 2018

Studying at UMass will be a great experience for you because it is ranked among the best 100 national universities, according to the U.S. News Ranking ( ), and it was classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a Research University with Highest Research.

When you talk about UMass, you are generally speaking about the University of Massachusetts Amherst, also known as UMass Amherst or just as UMass or Massachusetts. However, there is also UMass Boston, which stands for the University of Massachusetts Boston. UMass Boston is a public research university and home to international students that come from more than 100 countries.

All the dates that appear on the academic calendar of UMass have their importance. Students that had completed their studies wait impatiently to know the Commencement date. Regular students usually rush to take a look at the university calendar after it is published to know the dates set for their final exams. New students, like you, are generally interested in knowing about the dates of start of classes and end of classes, and of course the final examination period.

If you prefer, you can indeed write down the dates from the academic calendar of UMass Boston that you consider the most important to you. It acts also as a memory improvement technique that will prevent you from forgetting those dates. However, this university provides lots of useful information on its website, including its calendar. It is actually very easy to check it online, you can do it by visiting the website of this university at:  

Among the important dates that appear on the academic calendar from UMass, you can find the following:
Start of summer classes: May 29
End of summer classes: August 23
Start of classes for fall 2018: September 3
Start of the registration process for spring 2019: November 5
End of semester: December 14
Start of final examinations: December 15
End of final examinations: December 21
Remember that those dates are subject to changes, hence check the online calendar periodically to make sure that they have not been changed.

Caroline Campbella year ago

I think that there is not a specific method that you can use to remember the most important dates of your college. Each student simply develops their own technique over time. Most people prefer not to have the burden of remembering or having to write down anything, and it is very common to see them navigating the Internet on their cell phones or tablets every time that they need to take a look at the calendar of their university. Some of my friends at UMass just print the full calendar and stick it to their notebooks. Personally, I do not need to take a look at the academic calendar of UMass Boston very often because, although I do not print it or copy all the dates down, I always write down the dates of the final exams. It’s true that those are the most important dates for students in college. 

Craig Stewarta year ago

The academic calendar published by their college or university is, without doubt, a very important tool for students because it guides them to organize their time while they study at university. I just wish I could study at UMass. I started college this year, but unfortunately, my experience is far from being good. That UMass academic calendar is very clear, unlike the calendar of my college that has too many dates that are presented in a way that creates a lot of confusion. I prefer the UMass Boston academic calendar.


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