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What are the most effective study techniques for science-related courses?

My daughter pursues a humanity course while my son does a science-related course. Despite the fact that they are in the same institution, I have a problem with the performance of my son. At some point, he enquires about best college study skills to employ to ensure he excels like his sister. I have shared with him a number of study strategies for college education, but his results are still unpleasant. My daughter, on the other hand, performs well and promises better results each semester while employing the study methods I share with both of them. I wonder if it is possible for my son to learn how to study through effective study techniques that can make a difference in his academic performance.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 14, 2018

I don’t think there is a specific study technique for science, humanity or any other field. I have had a lot of experience with students while lecturing at one of the renowned colleges in the world. I realized a big difference in the performances of my students, which made me desire to know the reasons for the same. One student confessed to me that he took the science course due to compulsion from the father. Looking intently into his performance, I noted that he performed better than how his peers who had a passion for science performed. I knew the difference was in their attitudes and way of thinking. Learning how to study at the right time or employing the best study strategy in college that one could think of is not a guarantee that a student would perform well. As a lecturer, I am confident to say that one of the determining factors of success for any subject is the attitude a student holds towards the course and his or her abilities. I had other students who had a passion for the course I was taking them through, but it diminished with a change of attitude. As a result, I can strongly propose that holding the right attitude is the best college study skill that will always show positive results.

Before I became a lecturer, I knew I was going to pursue a course in Arts. However, I made a decision to try the field of science, which I understood had less competition than the other courses that I had desired. Over time, my attitude changed and that is how I started making extraordinary achievements in college. The fact that some students perform poorly is science related courses could be because of various reasons including poor study methods, lack of passion and hard work. Attitude can make the whole difference for students who seem to struggle. The secret of holding a positive attitude is that you get an intrinsic motivation and new energy to handle the things that you never thought you could do. The best advice I give to my students is that they ought to change their attitudes, and the rest will unfold and work to their advantage. Despite the fact that the society believes science to be a tough course, students who maintain a positive attitude excel well and reach great levels of college achievement. It is through a positive attitude that one can have his or her fears over certain courses resolved and the difficult tasks lessened.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

I agree that attitude is paramount to the success of any student in school or college. I had a son whose performance was getting lower each semester, and I thought the study methods he used were not appropriate. He didn’t know the problem was the poor attitude he had developed through the peers he held close at heart. Luckily, I noted it and advised him to change his attitude, and the rest would work perfectly. I was a happy parent to realize that every challenge he experienced in college was resolved due to the change of attitude. Since then, I can never get enough of advising young people to hold a positive attitude towards any course they are taking. They could have the knowledge of the best strategies or techniques of study, but poor attitude would negate everything and lead to poor performances. Over time, I have learned that science is not as hard as people perceive. The attitude they have towards it usually makes it even harder.

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